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Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Possibly one of the most important words in the English language, but one that is being used less and less. No-one likes to say NO! People have become disempowered by love, fear and political correctness. They don’t like to say no to demands of friends, family and loved ones, for fear of upsetting them, they often live unhappy lives as a result of this. Parents don’t like to say no to their children for fear of upsetting them; as a result there’s a generation were some children are growing up thinking that they’re always right and have no respect for anyone or anything. Workers don’t say no to their bosses for fear of losing their job, therefore the bosses maintain their power and profits and people are unhappy at work, when people are unhappy they’re easier to control. Politicians carry on regardless because people don’t say no to them and their policies, but what they fear most is everyone saying NO!, so by them having created a culture were people are afraid to say no at a personal level they’re making sure people don’t say no to them on a political level.
It’s time to regain and reclaim some power and respect. Don’t fear the fear. Just say NO! But….does saying no in some circumstances make you selfish? I don‘t know. Stay tuned for another half-baked rant, based on the words ME and WE.

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Longy said...

I was gonna answer this post but then I thought "NO" I'm not havin' it. I refuse :-)