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Saturday, 5 June 2010

"I'll be a taxi driver for you honey, take you anywhere you want to."

A few thoughts about the crazy Cumbrian killings that happened the other day, when Taxi driver Derrick Bird unleashed his real rain through the villages of Cumbria, England killing 13 and injuring 25 in a spree of not so random shootings. His brother and the family solicitor who Bird believed were conspiring against him over money, another taxi driver who Bird thought was taking customers from him, a retired worker from a place Bird worked at before he was sacked for stealing, and the brother of a lottery winner, were 5 of his victims.
The blame culture takes aim at the police, they didn’t do enough to stop the killer, as a taxi driver he knew the roads like the back of his hand. Next target….Gun Laws; tighten them. The killer had a conviction for theft, why was he allowed a gun licence. The gun laws are tight after Hungerford and Dunblane, anyway, you can’t legislate against lunatics. Why did he do it ? Money! He had financial troubles, You could legislate against the greed and envy of capitalism. The economic troubles are taking their toll on some of the people. Money, the root of all evil?
What happened in Cumbria is an extreame example of how far a person can go, for others suicide is a solution when the pressure becomes too much. If we are looking for who or what to blame then I blame capitalism.
With a surname name like Bird, it’s a shame he didn’t use Twitter, as well as the two guns. If he’d tweeted as he killed that would have given a real insight into the mind of a killer, and plenty of fodder for the tabloid press. Who must think that people are stupid when they have to print a picture of what the killer might have looked like when he was on his spree, or is this the sensitive reporting that the local MP has asked for.
One final thought, I wonder what the LibConCo are up to while the peoples minds are being well and truly distracted.


Marky Dread (Sparks) said...

One man goes over the edge in these crazy modern times. Who is to blame the system? the man? I have no answers except to say it's another sad example of the world we live in. Who could've stopped it the Police? the Gorvnments legislation? Fuck knows. Stay free, stay safe, stay sane. KOKO.

Longy said...

One thing that never ceases to amaze me in this country is as soon as something bad happens/someone dies.....within hours you get a text joke about it. Could only happen here and it always does without fail.

Are we a nation of sick-minded people or do we just have a good wicked of humour?