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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday Sport.

It was hard to escape from the fluttering flags and an induced sense of national pride that England played the USA yesterday in the World Cup. I didn’t see the match from the start, I had more important things to do. Yes, I know…. Unbelievable, what could be more important than supporting your nation in their bid to be world champions in a game they invented, but in a competition they haven’t won since 1966, and after yesterdays performance , well!!?? I turned on just in time to see ’the goal’ straight through the England keepers hands and legs and into the back of the net, Ooops! that wasn’t supposed to happen. During the half time analysis I heard one football pundit say it could have been nerves, this got me thinking…. Yes the players must be under pressure, we already saw Rooney get a bit tetchy in a recent friendly and then manager Capello got a bit upset with the media taking pictures at players hotel/training ground. The signs were there that things might get a bit shaky. So where does this pressure come from? The media and the people. There’s a paradox here; The People want the team to do well. The media need stories to sell papers to the people, often stories are negative and intrusive, which can effect the teams performance. So as with the BP oil spill we are all ultimately responsible with a thirst and hunger, but this time for news stories about our team and success for the team, even though one can effect the outcome of the other. Here’s what I reckon….People should boycott the worst culprits in the press or have a total tabloid blackout on reporting about the England team, just leave them alone and let them get on with doing their job, for which they are quite well paid for, if they were on performance related pay for last nights effort, they wouldn’t have got much, especially not the keeper. But we shouldn’t just blame the goal keeper, yes it’s his job to save but it’s others jobs to defend and score. Between them all the English team should have beaten the US, I mean they’re not a footballing nation, they even call it soccer. With the amount of money the English players are worth and all the skills they believe they have you’d expect to get a result against not just the US, but all the teams in the group, non are what you’d call ’world class’ or is that just a sense of a nations over inflated belief in their teams talent? there are no excuses; pressure, nerves they need to just get on and do a good job, cos if they don’t there’s gonna be a lot of unhappy people in England in a few weeks time, and that’s on top of the impending economic cut backs, (might be a few jobs in the football team going as well) but then if they win there’s gonna be a lot of happy people forgetting the real reality of England’s situation and standing as a nation in the world.


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