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Saturday, 12 June 2010

A weeks worth of watching, wondering and writing, plus a crappy collage.

What started out as a sort of social experiment reality show has turned into a fest for wanna be celebrities; Big Brother enters it’s last series. Shame I’d have like to have seen one more, with an ultimate twist. NO ONE WAS WATCHING, 16 deluded freaks and geeks thinking their on TV and being watched but no one was, COS NO ONE CARED. Have two programs, the first were they go in the house, as normal, with the flash flash of the paparazzi and screaming crowds. Then put them through all the tasks and stuff they do, don’t bother filming any of it, let ‘em think they’re on TV. Only film them getting evicted, have no-one at the eviction no fuss or flash lights, just them in an empty studio with a presenter telling them it was all a con. The second program could be clips of all their reactions at being shown up for the shallow superficial fame chasing fools they all are, if it wasn’t for the recent shootings in Cumbria I’d have suggested having a hidden sniper to put them out of their misery.
Israel Gaza where’s middle East peace envoy Tony Blair ? Earning big bucks talking shit.
Barbara Follet my local former swindling MP gets a payout for not being an MP she paid back the £43,000 of the peoples money and gets a £42,000 payout!!!!!! She’s a grand down on the whole deal, not bad for a fucking loser.(I've got that wrong, it was the other way round,so she's £1,000 up on the deal, Bitch! When the ConLibCo get their choppers out and start the cut backs, lets remember why, but don’t forget it was politicians of all parties that stole from the people. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!
BA Strike, Unite Union. Strike pay £45 per day. There’s some people out there earning not a lot more and having to work for it. Their livelihoods might be at threat in the coming months, not the perks of their job. The strike may be killing BA profits, but it’s also draing the Unite funds. Lets hope there’s enough money to support the rest of the Unite workers who aren’t BA cabin crew, but who also fly the flag, when they take or think of taking industrial action, as I’m sure they will at some point in the not so distant future. On the subject of industrial action, there are gonna be cuts and we’ll find out the exact extent of them when the Budget happens in a couple of weeks. I just hope it’s gonna be the well off that feel the cut of the chopper, all those in those New Labour Job Creation positions of middle management. The pen pushers, civil servants and audit statisticians the non jobs that contribute nothing other than control. Slash, slash chop the mutha’s down.
War of attrition. What’s the new hegemony gonna be? Let the new shower have their hour, before we hit ‘em with some massive strikes and street protests at the pain and misery I feel and fear they will put the least well off people in Britain under. Give ‘em a couple of years until 2012 and then hit ‘em, The year of the London Olympic Games, lets have some games of our own; the Molotov throwing competition
In these recession times, I’ve applied for a new job, money’s a bit better, no a load better. It would make my world go round a bit easier. Anyway, this got me thinking…… I’d do the job for a bit less money, than is on offer and still be financially better off than I am now. So how about people bid for the amount of money they need, not want for doing a job. Say for an example there’s a job paying £25,000 and someone’s earning £15,000, how about if they offered to do it for £20,000. After all they’d still be £5,000 better off. The only problem is what to do with the left over £5,000? Let the bosses keep it, increase their profits? No chance! But what about if the applicant decides what to do with it, so long as it benefit’s the rest of society? I dunno another half baked idea maybe?
Media distractions; World Cup fever fuelled on cheep beer and new flat screen HD ready telly’s. The flag of St George flying over number 10. Money, Money, Money makes the world cup go round.
A Fox attacked a couple of sleeping babies while their parents watched TV, after leaving the back door of their East London house open. Front page news “When I saw my children and the fox in the room it was like a scene from a horror film“ No the real horror was some of the publics reaction to the story. Bring back fox hunting!…..What?…..I don’t remember the red coated huntsmen ever galloping through the streets of London , leaping over garden fences and parked cars in pursuit of foxes on a regular basis. Anyway this got me thinking….Urban Fox Hunting….Get the local yoof together in a pack and have them chasing and killing the foxes instead of each other.
The BP Oil disaster starts turning into a row, who’s responsible? US president Obama is blaming the British company, while neglecting to mention Halliburton’s (them that benefited from the Iraq War) involvement in offshore drilling. British Prime Minister Cameron has been criticised for not putting Obama straight and saying no, it’s America who’s responsible. It seems pretty straight to me…. Obama’s trying to deflect his governments involvement in the pursuit and cost cutting done in the search for the black gold, and Cameron’s saying nothing, because there’s nothing he can say, not when BP have already said they will cover the costs of the disaster, well he could ask the US government to contribute something I suppose, after all they did allow the drilling to take place. The knock on effect of all this is that BP share prices are dropping, as a result the amount of money they are putting into an already fucked up British economy is reduced, and also here’s the whammy….many peoples pension funds are tied up in BP, therefore the more money they lose, the less money there’s gonna be in workers pension funds. Still WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE due to our reliance of oil as an energy provider, but that’s no reason why workers who’ve paid into pension funds should lose out to the profiteers. We buy and we consume products that are manufactured by equipment fuelled by oil, the whole world is fuelled by the black gold. As I type this, the World Cup has started; how many air miles and carbon footprints have been used getting the teams and fans to South Africa, all the new flat screens that have been bought to watch the games on, the production of all the flags that are fluttering etc, etc. It’s England’s first game tonight, and oh! the irony, they’re playing the USA. I did hear the game was gonna be sponsored by…. BP.

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Longy said...

As ever an enjoyable read Nuzz. Love the idea about Big Brother. I didn't even realise it was on (too busy watching the World Cup on my old Grundig 26',non flat screen TV!)