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Saturday, 26 June 2010

PRIMAL SCREAM - "Do you wish you were seeing Kylie Minogue?....well fuck you!" (Glastonbury 2005)

It’s that time of year when the alternative cultural consumer fest of Glastonbury takes place. In 40 years the underground has become the overground, the alternative is now mainstream. “You’ve got the money we’ve got the soul” Primal Scream’s Glastonbury appearance in 2005 was no loved up Screamadelica groove, although Bobby Gillespie was well loaded, this was some Evil Heat with bad vibrations, a brilliant confrontational and controversial performance. A blistering apocalyptic rock’n’roll drone. Sick City splutters and stalls with Bobby announcing “We are a punk rock band and you’re a bunch of fucking hippies” before the song is kick started back to life again. After Detroit Bobby declares that “The war on terrorism is a pretext of setting up an international police state.” During Swastika Eyes Bobby gave a Nazi salute which didn’t go down well with the organisers, by the end of the last song Movin’ On Up the band refuse to leave the stage, with Mani playing a snippet of the Stone Roses I Am The Resurrection’s bass line, and Bobby telling the audience “Well you should have been here fifteen years ago you lazy bastards” if they wanted to hear the Stone Roses. The power was cut and Bobby Gillespie was physically removed from the stage. Hear this legendary set here. Enjoy and Destroy!

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Anonymous said...

Apparently Gorillaz were shite headlining at Glastonbury last night. No surprises there then. Just as well the sun is shining. Imagine standing in the mud and rain and a force ten gale watching Gorillaz…

Simonon getting involved in that lark is beyond me.