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Monday, 28 June 2010

It's all over now!

Looks like this is the last World Cup related post, as England are coming home, they’re coming home. Never mind, better luck next time, even though it aint down to luck, it’s down to playing a game, something England didn’t do in any of their matches. They played without passion and commitment and some of the players looked like they were going through the motions, but you probably know that anyway. The reaction from people (work colleagues and mates) I’ve spoken to has been pretty unanimous; players are over paid prima donnas who care more about their celebrity status than representing their country, which was music to my ears, especially as my mouth kept silent until I agreed with them. One guy I was standing behind in a queue at my local shop reckoned they should all be shot, slightly extreme I think, but hey you never know, the team bus could be hijacked on the way back to the airport tonight by one of the South African gangs, cos I don’t think they’d get any ransom money for the players, the way some of the English people are feeling today.


Anonymous said...

'Lord Beaverbrook, Lady Diana, Maggie Thatcher, can you hear me?!'.


Marky Dread (Sparks) said...

Anonymous: yeah we can hear you but you ain't saying nothing. I don't understand gibberish.

England: who's fault is it? the manager maybe, the players could be. No it's the bloody fault of the F.A. they need to invest in more professional coaches so we can produced top English managers. In Spain they have somewhere in the region of 550 professional coaches in England only 150 to choose from, speaks for itself. Can a foreign manager take the same kind of pride in anothers national side? the simple answer is no it's just a well paid job to them.

Anonymous said...

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stonerose said...

Good comments! england back home where they belong! i dont know if you remember me i was clash101 on the carbonsilicon message board!

Chris Ripple said...

Err... Just a couple of comments from one who viewed the whole debacle from an African perspective, as I was on the continent 'till today...

It is probably fair to say that the six nations representing the African continent were the most supported teams on the continent and that is to have been expected.
Some, like Cameroon, who every football pundit expected to do well, performed miserably and were rightfully laughed out of the competition.
Others, like Algeria, who held the might of England to a draw, impressed with their attitude of digging in and getting on with it.
Ok, they didn't make it past the league stage but there is much to discuss and look forward to in the future and definitely room to hope for good things to come.
South Africa too, impressed with their talent and skill and again, more will be expected in the future.
Both Algeria and South Africa have taken a big step forward on the world stage as far as football is concerned and that can only be a good thing for the game in general.

As for Ghana, they have gone where nobody except maybe a drunken Ghanaian expected them to go, and all power to the team and coaching staff for their committment (and talent) in doing so.
The Black Stars now carry the hopes and dreams of a whole continent on their shoulders and whilst I don't believe they have the abilities to progress to the semi's, it is probably fair to say (after witnessing them getting through whilst in The Gambia) that those eleven guys restored a semblance of pride to the whole continent.
When the final whistle blew, the drums started... and the partying went on until the early hours of the morning.

As for England's performances if that is what they were ?
I can only say I was embarrassed by all of them and it got to the stage where I was circumventing any mention or discussion of the Germany game by starting my replies with
'yeah.. I know... We were crap and deserved to lose...'
I would have like to have been slightly more patriotic, but quite honestly we weren't worth it. The German team took us apart in a masterclass of ability in which we could only look on in amazement,
and all patriotism aside, in footballing terms the best team won and that has to be better for the game in general than a misplaced belief in the hype of how we were going to win it.

Now I'm supporting The Black Stars... I don't think they'll win it, I think Argentina just might triumph this year, but there's no harm in being hopeful...

Hey Nuzz, did the Beeb call them The Black Stars which is their nickname, and all the pundits even the bbc have been referring to the African teams by their nicknames since the tournament began ?
It would seem that it is only in Britain that the word 'Black' carries a racial connotation. It certainly doesn't occur in the bits of Africa that I know...

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Real sureal anon, cheers. Yes indeed Marky. The investment is in the wrong direction, money goes to the players, managers etc. There's no investment into the building of the future players, coaches etc and if there is, there are less opportunitys with the number of Foreign players in English football, didn't there used to be a limit per club, hey I'm sounding like some football fascist, because no yer right marky a foreign manager can't take the same pride in anothers side. Money has corrupted the beautiful game, it's time for a revolution on the terraces. Indeed I do stonerose/clash101, The Carbonsilicon board has a lot to answer for with this blog thang of mine, all good, it was a very inspirational place to visit, when I first got this computer of mine, not a lot of activity there over recent months, hope yer keeping well pete. Hey Chris how ya doing? Great comment. No the women definetly said “team” ’cos I remember hearing one of the pundits during a game refer to Ghana as being nicknamed, I thought it was ‘the black diamonds’, stars/diamonds??? Whatever, and I thought woops I think she might have meant to say…diamonds, I didn’t for one minute think the Beeb were being racist, just a presenter being a bit slapdash doing their job. I’ll be in touch soon.

Chris Ripple said...

Cheers mate.
And apologies for not including this bit and being a bit clearer...
The Black Stars, Ghana's international team's nickname, comes from the black star in the middle of the Ghanaian flag.

And news is just through that the President of South Africa ( I think ?) has just officially asked the team via the Ghanaian football f.c. to change their nickname to The Black Stars of Africa.

That, I think, is a little o.t.t. and I personally hope they don't do it, regardless of the perceived honour of it.

The Nigerian President has banned his squad from international fixtures for a period of two years because of their poor showing...
Errr... Excuse me ?
The president of the most corrupt country in Africa has banned his team for making the best 32 teams in the world (and we're ranked 8th folks)
I would have thought more practice would have been a better prospect but hey, what do I know ?

It could only happen in Africa.

Hmmm... Banned for two years for being crap, eh ?
You know that's just started me thinking...