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Sunday, 27 June 2010

'Suhunday Sport'

It’s that time again. Another day another England World Cup match, but this time it’s against our old foes; The Germans. Two World Wars, One World Cup, and all the other jingoistic xenophobia and petty racism that goes along with it, England expects and all that, if the media are to be believed. Sport does unite a nation, in victory and in defeat, whatever the score after 90min, Extra Time or the dreaded penalty shoot out I hope that it doesn’t turn into some nasty fight based on national pride and identity settling old scores, if that happens then everyone loses, except the advertisers, sponsors, manufactures and suppliers of flags and plastic tat emblazoned with the flag of Saint George, they have been the only winners throughout the competition. As I’m typing this, the build up to the Big Match is happening, so I’m gonna wrap this up now, just one final thing; I was watching a BBC sports report yesterday evening when the presenter was talking about Ghana being the only African team left in the competition, at one point when congratulating them she referred to them as the “Black team” a bit of an own goal there for the Beeb!

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Longy said...

Believe it or not Nuzz I was out for over 12 hours yesterday and I never witnessed one nasty incident. All the pubs were jammed full too. Very strange for here but it made a pleasant change.