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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Essential ephemera #6

A couple of pieces of Nikki Sudden related ephemera for yer. I went to both of these gigs, hazy memories though. The one at The Sir George Robey was in 1987, I think , and the band were late turning up and went on late. Roland S Howard was on guitar for both these gigs, which gave a taut tense sound to the tunes. The Sir George Robey was a pub right next to Finsbury Park Station, bands played in the small backroom. It was a right toilet of a venue, literally because the mens toilets had a habit of overflowing and flooding. Camden Palace on the other hand was a bit of a flash nite club in err…Camden of all places, where the bands used to come on late sandwiched in between the disco. I remember when Nikki played the dance floor was full before and after, but during his set people drifted off to the bars to drink and look cool, leaving only a scattering of people to witness what would be Roland’s last gig with Nikki’s French Revolution band, in 1988 if memory serves me correctly, I maybe wrong though.


planckzoo said...

Cool~! Nice to see who was playing the Sir George Robey.
TV Smith, the Fortunate Sons, Steve Marriot, Birdhouse and the Groundhogs. This is my kind of Rock n Roll joint!

pipeline said...

Those were the days (Sigh): Nikki, Steve Marriott, Fortunate Sons, Hank Wangford. You pays your three pounds fifty to a dodgy boozer in Finsbury Park, and you takes your choice.

Thanks for the memories/ephemera Nuzz.