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Thursday, 30 September 2010

"You wont get me, cos I'm part of The Union"

So then, the Labour party have a new leader Red Ed Miliband if we believe the media, he maybe left of New Labour, the Unions may have helped vote him in, but they are supposed to be the party in opposition, so there’s no point having a leader going down the New Labour New Tory road is there? I see his brother David’s now fucking off from the party like some sore loser, maan I wonder what life was like in the Miliband house when they were kids, he’s obviously a man with conviction and a believe in politics, probably land some top dollar job in Europe or America and carry on the New Labour tradition of lining your own pockets.
So what’s the future going to be for the Labour Party? Well there’ll be no future if they go too far to the left, because the country has gone too far to the middle, to a place of capitalist complacency were anything too radical will be met by distain in the media and distrust by the people who’ll be reminded of past conflicts between Left and Right. A healthy democracy needs a healthy opposition, and there’s gonna be nothing healthy about a watered down form of Socialism, the same as there’s nothing healthy about this coalition of posh boys and their Big Society that threatens to leave the less well off even worse off, what Labour would have done about the mess they made no-one knows, the LibConCo have asked them, but they have said nothing.
Sill at least there’s the Trade Unions to stand up for the workers, not that many of the workers are paid up Union members, only about a ¼ of the present workforce. Union membership is ½ of what it was in the 1970’s, back when the Unions had real power and the ability to call it’s workers out in long drawn out Industrial action. What’s changed, well Thatcher for one with her anti-union stance, and the workers themselves who bought into the whole free market global capitalist system, where no one wants to risk losing what they’ve worked and borrowed so hard to get; the mortgage, the car and luxury goods. One of the reasons industrial action now consists of one day strikes is because the trade union no longer have the funds for strike pay, No but they’ve got the money to pay their leaders £200,000 salaries and buy expensive properties for them to live in. Is this what the Tolpuddle Martyrs fought and were deported to Australia for?
People like Bob Crowe of the RMT and Derek Simpson of UNITE are no ragged trousered philanthropists, more like designer clothed narrcasists. Power corrupts, these people are no better than the fiddling politicians or the wanker bankers with their bonuses. Do we need these people to tell us what to do, where to do it and when to to it. Let’s just do it….
The only people there are to stand up for the people are the people. I’m all for people taking to the streets and protesting, it needs to happen, but….How about we take it to the streets were people like Bob Crowe live and picket his house and smash up their neighbourhoods. General strike, what about a General Sickie, encourage all the workers to ring in sick on the same day…. “Sorry, can’t come in today…. I’M SICK OF IT ALL”

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