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Thursday, 23 September 2010

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The 1980’s revival; petrol bombs, burning cars and riots on the streets of Britain, that’s what were heading for if reports by the Police are to be believed, or is it some kind of game….“Don’t make cut backs in our service or we wont be able to protect the people”
Lets hope this time protesters take their anger uptown and trash the rich affluent areas rather than smashing up their own communities. The wankers and bankers live somewhere, and I don’t think they’re neighbours of the likes of me and you. Mind you all the young people today seem caper able of is smashing up their own rooms or the local park benches, that’s when they’re not out there killing each other, well not all young people that is. No there’s those that have bought into the alternative fashion, yer EMO, Goth, Skate Slacker Metal Punker kids. The Capitalist scheme has absorbed, assimilated and sold back rebellion at twice the price for half the value, either that or people have sold out their alternative values to the capitalist scheme, just like the hippys did in the1960’s. There seems to be nothing or nobody questioning anything. It didn’t use to be like this, not back in the late 70’s early 80’s. Music was political and Youth Cultures said something, and did something. Alternative culture has eaten itself and what it shits out stinks, just as much as the programmed dance beats that pollute the airwaves, TV Screens etc. We’ve got a generation who’ve been brainwashed by repetitive beats. Who are/Where are the spokespeople for the yoof of today?
X-Factors Fucked us! Celebrity culture has consumed people. Facebook Twits have turned people into a nation of narcissists, self obsessed about their self importance has made people impotent of think of anything else other than pursuing the dream and playing their part in the capitalist scheme.
The grangerisation and tecnologisation of society has left people unable to think for themselves, only about themselves. Blindly following their Sat Navs through their space, until they get lost up their own arseholes; slaves to the system that calls technology progress, in some ways it makes life easier, in other ways it becomes people lives, and gives them an alternate reality, where they can post the pictures to their 300 arsebook friends, and all the while innocent people are dying across the world, in wars that aren’t of their making and starving as dictators pocket the International aid.
The politicians are all the same from what ever side of the divide left or right, they’re all wrong.
Who’s really there for the people? The Unions! Yeah….so long as they aint in the back pocket of their paymasters, like they were when Labour were in power and they supped glasses of Socialist Champagne at the table together. The LibConCo have said they want to talk with the Unions, Thatcher wanted to destroy them. Lets take a look back with or without hindsight at the heady days of The Miners Strike, and before that The Winter of Discontent. With some help from media reportings the Unions action made the Labour party unelectable for many years, will history repeat itself with Union backed ‘civil disodidience’ or will Bob Crow and his cronies keep quite to protect their interests. Only time will tell, we’ll have a better idea when the LibCon’s announce the results of their ‘spending review’ While we consider who the next leader of the Labour Party will be; one of the Milliband of Brothers, Ed Bollocks, Dianne ’friend of Michael Portilo’ Abbott, or Andy Burnham, is it? I dunno, lets not forget who helped get us in the shit, by linning their own pockets and carrying on with Free Market Conservativism. New Labour…Old Tory. Now if we believe what we are told there is a New Politics with the LibCon coalition, we’ll see, because depending on how the next few months go with ‘the cu*ts’ we’ll se if Camoren and Cleggs Big Society and it’s New Politics is a load of bollocks and just the same as the old one, but with bigger social injustices and the same old politics. What the Unions do is down to the their members and the support of the people, who only know what the media tell them. There’s been some fighting talk from Vince Cable about the evils of capitalism, but I wonder what he’s gonna do about Murdoch’s News Corporations proposed take over of Sky TV? Hopefully more than his idea about sending school leavers to India to do apprenticeships*, I mean is this some sort of LibCon “Get on your bike” idea, an extreme way of cutting unemployment figures? Or perhaps it would do young people good to experience a different society, one that doesn’t have as much as the one they have grown up in, mind you India’s well on the way to becoming a contender in the global free market that opened for business in the 80’s.
*Hopefully not in engineering, what with collapsing bridges and ceilings at The Commenwealth Games in Dehli this week.

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