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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Money For Old Pope / Give 'Em Enough Pope

After 30 years The Vatican send us The Pope! Version.265 He believes it is wrong for society to marginalise religion. He’s compared atheists to Nazi’s, while all the time he’s head of a church that marginalises Women and Homosexuals and continues the A.I.D.S Holocaust in Africa through the rejection of contraception. So just who is the Nazi?


Anonymous said...

He looks a more like Blakey from On The Buses in that picture.

I'll get you Butler!

MJG196 said...

Don't forget how he permits pedophile priests to hide at the Vatican. Catholics in the US wonder about that one, too.

amnesiac_radar said...

Good article, I can't accept the fact the tax payer has to pay between 1-3 million GBP just to assist funding his visit!

Kwai Chang said...

"Eggs" is his name. Benedict XVI is nothing new. Old Hitler Youth veteran and righteous defender of the 'unborn child' BUT STILL ABSENT regarding the thousands of living victims who were abused by the elders and colleagues of said RATzinger. A half-baked prophecy fulfiller and ANYTHING BUT 'Reich and sexy'.
...but he doesn't really look enough like Angela Merkel to be sporting the toothbrush...
I think that the Vatican moniker is best suited to adorn a chain of casinos whose trademark is to shortchange you 10% at the cage. There will also be little Pope-bots to throw water at you if you cause a scene. And that is how to keep tything out of the New Testament.