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Thursday, 30 September 2010

JOHNNY THUNDERS - Live @ Folkets Park, Sweden 19/6/83

This is a great Thunders bootleg: an FM Broadcast from Sweden in the summer of 1983, another ‘Camden Town Classic’ 3 for a fiver I think they were back in the day. The same gig was also released on vinyl as Cosa Nostra Never Sleeps, £10 - £12 from Kensington Market, as money was tight I went for the tapes. On this one Johnny’s on great musical form; tight, together and thunderous, the quality is mighty fine. Highly recommended! L.A.M.F


Alltid Rött Alltid Rätt said...

Its from the Swedish town Södertälje.

My first Thunders bootleg and my favourite one too. I went to see him for the first time the day after in Stockholm, and he was dead drunk on stage and made a far worse gig (even if I thougth it was great just to see the man once).

MJG196 said...

Thanks for this! Hey, I fixed your J-card scan: http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r113/mg196/Cover%20Art/JohnnyThunders.jpg

Anonymous said...


undeadboy said...

Thanks for this.

I haven't heard this show. Look forward to hearing it

Went to Camden recently (haven't been for ages) it's all poncey and full of chain stores now. I bet those big stores thought they would be seen as cool when they opened up there, but now the cool people have buggered off and it's only posers and tourists there now.

I don't know where in town still has that great old vibe that Camden had. Maybe Portabello Road, but I'm sure the big stores will fuck that up in the end.

nekrodad said...

grabbing now, i think i may have the tape too. but now i dont have to rip it thanks