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Saturday, 6 August 2011

FLESH FOR LULU - Blue Sisters Swing.

A butterfly flaps its wings.... I came across a live recording of The Vaynes, over at a blog called Dark Circle Room, there was also a Flesh For Lulu one, from Hamburg in 1985, I didn’t see ‘em live in Germany, but caught them many times in London town between 1984 - 86, a great band, very underrated. I’ve posted The Vaynes ages ago, but nothing from Flesh For Lulu. So…. Here you are. This aint gonna be nothing new to anyone that’s heard Flesh For Lulu, but if you haven’t and yer a lover of sleazy Rock’n’Roll in the vein of The New York Dolls and The Velvet Underground, cut with a bit of The Only Ones, then I think you’ll enjoy this 5 track mini album from 1985.
Some records take you back…. Blue Sisters Swing is one of those for me. I hadn’t played this for ages, and then bam! There I was….The smell of sensemillia spiffs and the taste of sulphate, a room in a house on Lewisham Way, New Cross. Walking the streets of London’s West End, through Soho to Charing Cross station or to Trafalgar Square for the night bus. Good times? Bad times? A time!
I’ve saved you the pain of my scratched and crackly vinyl copy and gone for a digital Rip for yer. Enjoy, and if yer into any gothic stuff from the 80’s, then go visit the Dark Circle Room, not that I’d say The Vaynes or Flesh For Lulu were ‘goth’ bands, but hey ho….It’s all Rock’n’Roll.


Kostas said...

Great ! Thanks . Please take a look to a greek band named Antitroppau Council that posted my friend on Aspirines and let me know your oppinion . Thanks again


Thanks Nuzz...
Flesh For Lulu was(is) an underrated band...
Thanks also for the Vaynes' (Great NoRthern sessions) link !
Have a nice sunday my friend !

Flash Tightpocket said...

Hello Nuzz, thank you for that Vaynes link. I've never heard that one before. You've inspired me to do a post on Stevie & the boys (for the memories are many.)
It's a bloody shame I never photographed them in all the times I saw them.
Let me know if you require the Manson Slags Human skin suit MP3s.
All the best mate.

Just a POV said...

Wow I bought this after seeing them support Lords of the New Church they were very good! 7 Hail Mary's!!