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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sum notes.

Hit the rich profiteers where it hurts; their wallets, their bank accounts. Their greed has left the world a poorer place. Their ‘great idea’ is an illusion, the majority of people will never attain their dreams, the best they can do is hope they don’t start living their nightmares,

Credit taken from the rich to buy the lifestyle is paid back twice by the poor; First in interest and then the profits others make from the must have purchase.

Human development is becoming underdeveloped. A generation of retards ignorant to other ideas and beliefs. A people reared on a diet of junk food, junk TV, junk newspapers.

Their future is a fashionable culture of fake celebrity, an instant one click disposable world where nothing is built to last. The old is sold as the new, innovation makes products to solutions that were solved years ago. They call this progress, I say it’s just a waste of resources, just because it can be done does it have to be done? How much quicker, smaller, bigger and cleaner do things have to be.

People haven’t lost sight of the big picture, they never saw it in the first place, they’ve just been blinded by what they’ve been shown, visions and images of another world they can inhabit if they work hard enough, they’re just doing what they’ve been CONditioned into doing. Mass media proliferation, commodity objectification has moulded a generation.

How do we break the cycle? Or is the cycle breaking? The wheels only keep turning so long as people keep peddling, the brakes need to be applied, or a spanner thrown into the spokes. The US economic crisis shows their great idea, isn’t actually that great. The poor will continue to suffer, but lets hope the rich start to suffer as well, it only seems fair, which seems a good building block for a new idea.

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Anonymous said...

Nicely put Nuzz, I second that.- Richard P.