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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It's about the stuff!

The Prime Minister returned to Britain today, to give a telling off to the trouble makers and to reassure everyone else.
Lets look at a few things….In the early 80’s similar events happened in Brixton, London Toxteth, Liverpool, St Paul’s in Bristol, just to name a few places. There were no Blackberry’s or Twitter then. If people wanna do it they’re gonna do it. The events of the 80’s were put down to social deprivation, unemployment, racial tensions and police harassment. Communities were re-built and funding made available to improve the lives of those areas, Job schemes were created and changes made in the way the police operated. Thirty years later in 2011 what’s changed? New technology has made communication easier, its also enabled generations to grow up playing violent computer games, watching violent videos and produced a whole market of consumer goods that people desire. MTV gangsta rap soundtracks young peoples lives. Free market economics has continued to create poverty as well as wealth, the media has created a whole celebrity lifestyle for people to aspire to, one that’s filled with designer labels and luxury goods. Some may say that children are taught in schools were the teachers have no control were there’s no discipline anymore, they return to homes with only one parent and no family structures and that softly softly Police tactics have seen law and order breaking down. This maybe true, but it’s one that politicians have created. They are responsible for the state that the country has found itself in.
Disadvantaged and disenfranchised young people are growing up in a world full of contradictions and confusion, one that offers everything, but gives nothing, one that gives them no real future other than living out a life that is a totally fantasy where greed, envy and violence are the only real feelings that some young people have. The politicians New Society has failed these young people, but more importantly it has failed those people who’s homes and business have been destroyed over the last few days and it will continue to fail everyone. Their capitalist system is responsible for the whole fucking mess, and people can’t see it, or they choose not to and bury their heads in the sand and blame everything else, and rely on the politicians for solutions. I haven’t seen or heard members of the community have been uniting on the streets and protecting themselves and their business’s from the rioting mobs, no they’d rather watch it on the TV, or film it on their mobile phones and post it on YouTube. If we’re gonna have anarchy, lets have total anarchy! One final thing, we need to remember is that it is only a small minority of people that have been involved, but the minorities actions will shape the majorities future, by politicians who will never accept any blame that their actions have any bearing on the present.


Anonymous said...

rantings of a mad man!

Undeadboy said...

I agree with some of what you said but not all. I grew up in Thatcher's Britain on the late 70's early 80's. Me and my friends ran around the streets with toy guns pretending to shoot each other, and watched all the video nasties of the time, and we never thought of rioting in the streets. I agree that there appears to be no discipline in school or home these days (we used to get a good clip around the ear from either teachers of our parents) and we'd never dream of even cheeking a copper. No one wants to take responsibility for anything any more. It's always someone elses' fault from claims direct to those signs of coffee cups telling you the coffee is hot. No one is responsible and someone else will have to pay for it. I don't expect the politicians to shoulder any responsibility. The capitalist system is working well for them. People want instant answers, instant riches and instant respect and they don't want to work for any of it. The dumbed down media is responsible for that one, and Thatcher's legacy is the rampant greed running wild in our society where you are made to feel inadequate if you don't have the latest shiny must have consumer items. I hope this is only a small minority of people who are this way, but I fear things can only get worse.

Anonymous said...

"The events of the 80s" were about niggers STEALING. So they wouldn't have to work. And it IS the nigs who are doing the majority of the looting and burning today, is it not? I've seen the pics. And what else should we expect? They come from a nasty, sloven, violent culture. Their minds are at home in a world of gunz and drugz and social chaos…
It's just like here in the states... Coons hate whitey. Primarily because little nitwits like YOU tell them crap like what you're laying down here. Like, you give them an EXCUSE to break the law.
There is NO good reason to break the law. Because no matter how wrongly oppressed you think you've been, or how poor you are, or how ripped off life has made you feel, you have absolutely NO RIGHT to harm another person or their property. THAT is the law. And where there is law, there is order. And where there is order, there is civilization. But with the lack of law comes savagery, chaos and the loss of dignity and self-respect, as well as the lack of respect from others. Even 80 IQ morons like Martin Luther King knew this. Why don't you?

No.. Blacks are for the most part LAZY, thieving, dishonest and STUPID. They LIE constantly. Just like the nigs do over here. And everywhere else on the face of the planet, for that matter. So quit giving them EXCUSES to HATE. Good people don’t kill and rape and rob when they’re down. It takes an empty, ugly soul to harm another in the name of self. There are lots of dirt-poor people who live their entire lives that way, yet never do harm to another human being. Most, in fact. Only the evil ones do. And that my friend is why we have jails!