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Thursday, 18 August 2011

More "Rantings of a Madman"

We’ve gone from one baying mob fired up by greed, envy and alienation, to another fuelled on retribution and example making, presided over by a justice system that has no consistency, one where a sex offender receives less of a sentence than someone who tried to start a riot on Facebook, it should be mentioned that no one actually turned up to the planned riot, but someone was actually raped! This seems a strange sort of justice.
Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime, but what are they gonna do when the cells are all full. These knee jerk appeasing the public sentences are politically motivated and have nothing to do with any form of rehabilitation. Will those jailed for their offences learn a lesson? Or will they look at it as some badge of honour, that they’ve served time.
Do they care that a criminal record will affect their future? No because their very actions where those of people who don’t feel they have a future. If we as a society feel we need some extreme form of punishment, how about bring in the chain gang and get the offenders cleaning up the streets and doing work in the community while dressed in pink and purple spotted boiler suits with a hood to hide their shame.
Someone once said something about how ‘good’ a society is by the way it treats its young and old. Well….both the young and the old are being treated like shit in Britain today. The young don’t respect the old, and the old don’t respect the young. If respect has to be earned then we are in a state of both moral and economic recession.
The morals and economics are different sides of the same spinning coin, that we have allowed politicians to gamble with, and it looks like they have lost the game by letting the money makers and trouble shakers both run riot. While the majority remain the losers, that’ll teach ‘em for trusting the politicians and their policies for a fair and just ‘good society’ that will never happen if the pursuit of private property and power is its major driving force.
One thing to remember; Situations like the collapse of the economy and what happened on the streets of London, Birmingham and Manchester this month are what keep the politicians in their positions of power, without these ‘conflicts’ there would be no need for parliament to intervene with its prescriptions. They are the disease, We are the cure, so long as we know what we are fighting for!


Anonymous said...

Why don't you SHUDDUP....

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you picked up on my earlier 'mad man' comment!

Do you see the video of the woman who tried to intervene? was so funny, as she addressed the 'yob's she spoke in some 'street speak' however when interviewd by ITV she suddenly developed a very middle-class accent!

On a related point the gov. is spining the Big Society bit here and I fear the riots played into that message - I dont understand why those yellow bellied libdems are still support then boys in blue? Surely, they should be losing support and therefore a new election would take place?

I blame the students for voting yellow - was better when they kept out of it...anyway off to clean some streets with a knife and broom...

the equalizer

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Why don't you FUCK OFF!! Respect to the equalizer for adding a name to one of the anon's.

Anonymous said...

Ok... Call me 'Bob' if that makes you fell more secure.

Chris Ripple said...

A couple of things... Yes, equaliser, I saw that video too and when I saw the interview later it amused me...
Then I saw all the rantings about the David Starkey interview and I thought 'Hang on a minute...'
There seems to be a serious amount of hypocrisy over freedom of speech right now because that particular woman only emphasised what Starkey said clumsily about 'da yoof' talking like gangsta's.
I find the whole speech thing funny because I myself as an ex- english student in my younger days CAN speak properly should I wish to, but even now when I need to, I can also do 'streetspeak' and people know what I'm on about, and I would bet that is exactly the same for the vast majority of people in these isles whatever their ethnic origin ?

Second point. 'Bob' it's just a matter of standing up for your views, that's all.
You may disagree with what's written, but big deal so what ?
You have that right but hiding behind anonynimity, isn't doing that is it ? It's cowardly and gutless.
The point is that everybody SHOULD already know that this government (just like the last one) have search engines that pinpoint all these sites, probably mine too, and they type in keywords and the names come up... How do you think the police know who to arrest in terrorist cases ? How do you think they have arrested people for posting tweets telling people to riot ? There is a price to be paid for freedom just as there is for freedom of expression and the gutless and the cowardly who hide behind anonymity don't make that freedom any easier to come by by hiding themselves away... Shit ! You may as well wear a white sheet... So if you're 'Bob' then post as Bob, at least then you can be true to yourself whether you agree or not ?

Ok, message ends... 'Till next time...

The bogus man said...

Adopting another type of speech depending on who you are talking to is, not exclusively, but largely, a white middle class thing. Growing up in north London none of my working class friends ever did it, and the few I’m still in touch with still don’t do it. None of the Asian or Black work colleagues I have known down the years have ever done it, although plenty of the white ones do. It’s the old thing about middle class people adopting an accent when talking to their builders, thinking this will in some way allow them to relate to them better. Builders can spot it a mile off, they consider it either laughable or insulting, either way they regard you as a mug and usually whack on a bit extra for it (trust me, I know). Another prime example, look at Joe Strummer. Privately educated, well spoken, his late seventies deliberately put on cod cock-er-ney accent with it’s forced glottal stops frankly sounded more ridiculous as each month went by. And of course it got the great man into difficulties on occasion as it was so obviously not genuine.

It’s also an issue of being comfortable in your own skin, comfortable of who you are. People who are happy with their ‘self‘ rarely feel the need to dumb themselves down, or up. As they go though life their interactions are by and large the same with everyone they meet.

As Blair’s star started to dramatically fade, the amount of forced glottal stops that peppered his speech in interviews increased notably, but of course by then it was too late, ‘white van man’ voter, who he was desperately attempting to relate, to had spotted the fake.

Chris Ripple said...

Hmmm... So the next time you're accosted by a couple of twelve year old thugs demanding your 'phone and your wallet you're not going to say 'Come on then, you piece o'shit if you think you're fuckin' 'ard enough ?'
Before doing your level best to break his neck/balls whatever ?
Somehow I don't think so...

Everybody does it, but it obviously depends on the situation you find yourself in.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

It's not about feeling secure, it's about putting a name to the words, and like chris said "standing up for your views." It's the people that dumb themselves up that piss me off thinking they're posh but acting like trash.