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Thursday, 11 August 2011

JOHNNY THUNDERS - Live in Rotterdam 22/9/84

Right then here we have one of the godfathers of the whole Rock’n’Roll bands go unplugged thang*, its Mr Johnny Thunders, who was giving acoustic renditions of his normally electric electric numbers back in the early 80‘s. On some Thunders acoustic shows it’s touch and go as to whether he makes it through the song he starts, this one from Sept 22nd 1984 at the Pandora’s Musicbox festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands finds Johnny in fine coherent form starting as he means to go on and finishing what he started. It’s a short FM Broadcast 5 song set, (The Wizard, Play With Fire, Ask Me No Questions, She’s So Strange and It’s Not Enough.) Due to the small size of the files, in an NPW first and probably last I can offer this recording as a FLAC file or standard MP3, take your pick. Born To Lossless or Born To Lossy the choice is yours, either way enjoy! Thanx to the original uploader, and also credit to Pandora’s Music Box Blog for the picture of Johnny on stage at the festival.
*In 1979 Pete Townsend preformed Pinball Wizard and Won’t Get Fooled Again acoustically, at The Secret Policeman’s Ball a benefit for Amnesty International, in 1981 the less godfatherly Sting, Phil Collins and Bob Geldof did similar performances at The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball. (File under interesting but useless pop facts.)

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