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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Some Sunday Thoughts.

Loserville Britain 2011. X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother return the TV screens of a nation. For Fucks sake why is this shit allowed to pollute the living rooms and the minds of the masses. Zzzzzzzzz List Celebrities and people who want to be Zzzzzzzzz list celebrities.

If Britain is in moral decline, I hold these programs and the promotion and perpetration of celebrity culture partly responsible. There’s a lot to be said to having a ’free media’ then there’s also in some cases a lot to be said for censorship and control of the press and TV.

Tony Blair doesn’t believe there is a moral decline in Britain today, well he wouldn’t think there was one would he, cos like I’ve said many times before politicians and their parties are to blame, they’re the ones who’ve controlled the policies that have created the social divisions we see in Britain, where morals and values mean different things to different people, how can the people sitting at the top of the hill feel the same about society as those camped at the bottom, whose morals are at times a reflection of those at the top. The fact that Blair needs to come out and deny that Britain’s broken and defend the politicians makes me think that Britain if not broken is in need of some repair at certain parts of it’s structure.

Blair’s a fine one to talk about moral values, with his lies over the Iraq war, and lest we forget the MP’s expenses scandal were a whole bunch of ’em showed just what a moral bunch they are when it came to lining their own pockets. Then we’ve had the phone hacking, alright it might have only been a minority of journalists that got caught, but it showed the levels that Blair’s mate Rupert Murdoch and his organisation would lower itself to in order to obtain ‘the story’ Lets also remember it was only a minority who carried out the recent rioting and looting, which in the minds of those at the top of the hill is not the same as fiddling expenses or invading peoples privacy. So is Britain broken and in moral decline? You decide!


Anonymous said...

You blame politicians and their parties? I dont understand this? If the 'people' were really bothered they would change their politicians therefore the balme is with us all...

we cant even say they are being duped or controlled as there is so much information oyt there about what is going on. We have to admit most of us have it easy, we are not starving and can go to school...

People are politically stupid but we cant blame politicians or parties for that. However that suits politicans just fine, us being stupid

the equalizer

Longy said...

I didn't even know the Shit-factor or Big-Bolloxs was back on to be honest. Cheers for the tip though :)

undeadboy said...

My nine year old son was the only one in his class to NOT KNOW who won X Factor. He knew all the other important general knowledge questions though. Me and his mother were so proud!

And the reason... We (and he) think all that "Reality" TV is shit!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I blame the politicians and their parties….for making the policies. Yes ultimetly it is the fault of the people for voting for them, but whoever the people vote for the politicians will win, and lets face it, there’s no real difference between any of the parties New Labour, Old Tory, Same Liberals.
The people are happy in their ignorance so long as there’s shit on TV, shit in The papers, that’s what keeps the politicians in control, the manipulation and the overload of information, which makes people politically stupid. Just because people aren’t starving and can go to school, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve got it easy. Everything is relative, tell the people something enough times and they’ll believe it. Hope yer keeping well longy and respect to underdog and his family.