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Thursday, 20 October 2011

It's a funny old world, but who's laughing?

So then Colonel Gaddafi is dead….No surprises there then, it was only a matter of time. Another dictator found hiding like a rat in a drain. One less obstacle in the way of the Westernization of the World, but a whole lotta problems in Libya and the rest of the Arab Spring uprising nations fighting for democracy as their leaders clinging on to power, thanks to less involvement by Western NATO forces. Factions will be fighting in the power vacuums that are going to develop. Western politicians will be breathing a sigh of relief as all their dodgy dealings with Ghadaffi will be buried in the hole where he was hiding. He could have been taken alive but was executed instead, by rebel forces loyal to the USA, the UK and the French. I wonder who’s gonna be getting the contracts to help rebuild Libya? It’ll be people like that best friend who former British defence secretary Liam Fox took to work.
These are trouble torn and interesting times. The British state stuck the boot in first at The Dale Farm travellers camp by sending in riot police with Tazars and shields, no wonder they got piss thrown over them. Anti-Capitalist protests are taking place across the world from New York to Athens; people want an alternative to the bonus culture of greed. People aren’t happy with the cost of living; Chelsea football fans have taken a stand at the price of tickets to see their team play.
Still The Stone Roses have reformed and are gonna make us all happy, as people sit shivering and in darkness cos energy prices are too high, or are beaten down by the authorities when they exercise their freedom to protest.

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