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Friday, 21 October 2011

WOW! What a sickening spectacle the media have created…The Death of a Devil. GOTCHA!….The politicians celebrate with retribution and revenge for Lockerbie, Yvonne Fletcher and victims of Libyan semtex used by the IRA. The hypocrites….no mention of the Western weapons sold to Gaddafis regime over the years and used to suppress the Libyan people. Still at least NATO’s ’just war’ came at a fair price for Britain….£300 million, I mean who wants new schools, hospitals and homes when we’ve got bombs to build? Oh yeah, that’s right, the people of Libya cos they’ve had theirs destroyed in the revolution/uprising/war. Still….democracy costs, and perhaps we take our freedoms for granted here in our safe European homes, like free speech and the right to protest. That is unless I start suggesting that people go out and start a riot, then I could end up in prison for four years, and anyone turning up at said riot with their faces covered up would be asked by the police to remove them. Our leaders are no better than the dictators they oppose in a World Of War!


Kostas said...

My dear friend ,the situation here in Greece is a comlete SHIT!The people are hungry and angry .Our riot is covered with blood .

Anonymous said...

yea the mad dog killed by mad dogs who will now fight among themselves when will we learn in the west that all the dictators in the arab world keep all the factions in line as soon as they are gone its a free for all just look at egypt kids with knives dragging copts out of cars with there dads screamin at them to stab them,the goverment running them over with trucks,islamic mobs burning down homes and churches it will be the same in libia.

Eazy Erok said...

Hey Nuzz
Just wanted to drop you a line and say "hey". Along with Sons of the Dolls, your blog is one of my faves.I've recently committed myself to commenting on blogs that I like, as I've noticed so many (awesome) blogs have died in the past year or two, and I want to encourage folks to keep going strong with what little good blogs are left standing.
Not much to say about the Col.- I can't say I'm too sad he's gone, nor am I happy. He will soon be replaced by one of two things- a puppet or a despot. Or probably both.
Long live NPW!

Eazy Erok