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Saturday, 8 October 2011

TV nature programs, well I'll be damned!

While watching BBC2’s Autumn Watch wildlife program last night, I couldn’t help but notice that at several places during the program presenter Chris Packham dropped in the names of at least 3 Damned songs (Grimly Fiendish, Neat Neat Neat and Smash It Up) into sentences when he was referring to all things feathered and furry….Bizarre!….I have heard that Chris is a ‘punk rock fan’, but is this the sort of thing we pay our TV Licences to hear? Yeah too bloody right it is! I’m wondering if next week we’re gonna hear about Badgers in their Safe European Homes and how Wild Boars Stay Free in the New Forest or how London’s Calling for migrating geese.


The bogus man said...

He did the same a while back with Smiths songs, yaaaawn. Packham has totally ruined Spring Watch/Autumn Watch. Just comes across as an annoying self regarding twat desperate to get on in ’TV’ and who likes the sound of his own voice. As well as professing to be an ’expert’ on wildlife, he also fancies himself as a bit of an edgy ex-punk made good. Lost count of the times he’s reeled off his old chestnut about sleeping rough in the New Forest on the way home after seeing the Clash somewhere on the south coast. Kinda reminds me of the middle class kids who used to get the shit kicked out of them at Punk gigs in the seventies purely by virtue of the fact that they were annoying wankers.

Bring back the Oddie with his ooh-err missus double entendres. A thousand times funnier, and knowledgeable, than the Pack-Man.

Anonymous said...

From the guys web blog...
So when people started asking which song titles I might try to weave into this year's shows I thought... The Damned!

I got off to an early start by welcoming Micheala as a 'New Rose', unfairly but predictably described the lesser horseshoe bats as 'Grimly Fiendish', described the modelling clay facsimile of their noses as 'Neat, Neat, Neat' and pertinently saw wild boar 'Smash it Up'.

In programme two I said Spurn Point was home to one the best birds in 'The History of the World', the Atlantic salmon allowed a very easy 'Fish' and, of course, I've always been a member of the sparrowhawk 'Fan Club'.

In week three I wondered whether we'd 'See Her Tonight' (a badger that is), foraging is never 'Hit or Miss' a late suckling red deer calf was a 'Problem Child' and rutting fallow deer were in a state of 'Psychomania'. Pretty fair given their passionate energies at this time.

In our fourth show I asked Martin if he was more of a 'Disco Man' than a fan of 5th Dimension and requested that people should not employ 'Machine Gun Etiquette' when going out to observe deer.

Thirteen so far, more to come...

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