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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Notes from the cutting room floor.

With all the politicians talking about economic growth, and how it is or isn’t happening but more importantly to them how it needs to be happening, has got me thinking…..The Frankenstein monster of capitalism which over the years has been all consuming has now become out of control and can’t be fed anymore, it is now starting to eat itself. Our economy can’t grow anymore because it is sick, fat and obese through over consumption. People are in debt for the stuff they didn’t need but wanted, so they now can’t afford the stuff they do need. The end result is that we are now sinking into the shit that capitalism has produced, and our present leaders can’t or don’t want to see this because that would make them and their ideologies responsible for not only what has happened in the past, but more importantly what is gonna happen in the future, which is anyone’s guess. I mean they tell us to pay off our credit cards, and in the next breath are encouraging us to spend, because its good for the economy. You can’t have your cake and eat it! Especially when ‘fatty foods’ aren’t good for you.

The longer we keep our heads in the sand the longer and harder they will fuck us up the arse and that goes for our politicians who’ve let our country get fucked by pandering to special relationships with America and complying to directives from Europe, while all the time making sure they’re alright by letting the money makers gamble our money away on stock exchanges and the public services waste it on layers of bureaucracy and middle management with their great and costly ideas of how to improve services, which has resulted in services being cut back for the public and job losses for the workers. Is this the equality of opportunity capitalism offered? No it’s the opportunity for inequality to grow, which it has over the past decade.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Marx would be very proud of you using his words and analysis of over consumption...

THe Equliser