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Thursday, 20 October 2011

JAYNE COUNTY - Betty Grables Legs (5 Track mini-album vinyl rip)

Back in the 70’s Jayne County was the real deal, man enough to be a woman. The Dolls had the frocks but were full on heterosexuals. Wayne as he was known then was a transsexual or is it transgender performance artist working the same New York joints as the Dolls. In 1977 he relocated to London and formed the Electric Chairs, who became infamous in the punk scene thanks to their foul mouthed ballads like; Fuck Off and Toilet Love. By 1980 Wayne had become Jayne and The Electric Chairs were no more, although Jayne continued to release records throughout the decade, including this one from 1989, a 5 track mini album on Jungle Records. What you hear is what you get….back to the garage New York Rock’n’Roll. get yer hands on Betty Grables Legs here. In 2011 Jayne is still giving it to the man, just go and check out her blog.


RevolutionaryBum said...

I think this is the first time I've seen this posted ! I played guitar on one song (Time Machine) actually it should have been two since Time Machine and Detour were first written and recorded in Seattle after a gig we did with her, but the later was rerecorded. I wish Jayne would do a comeback tour or farewell tour Something !
Having had the luck of getting to know her and play music with her I know how hard working and how REAL of rocker she is !!! Cheers...

marty g said...

Nice one. Saw her (Jayne by this time) at the Fulham Greyhound years ago. What a great gig. She should play again as she is much missed.
Her book is also worth grabbing if you can find a copy.