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Sunday, 11 March 2012

THE ENEMY - The Newies

Here are a couple of tracks from THE ENEMY, the first new material from the Coventry 3 piece Agit Pop Punkers since their rather poorly received second album. Has time away seen their light fade? Listening to This Is Real and Gimme The Sign, I’d say….”No” cos it sounds like the fire is still there and hopefully in the fickle world that is the music industry it will burn brightly in 2012. Noel Gallagher may well have said “ Don’t put your life in the hands of a Rock’n’Roll band” but who listens to the grown ups, and if the kids of today are gonna take a band to their hearts and minds then why not let it be The Enemy, as it least they have something to say for and to the kids, and they say it and play it in away that those who grew up during the punk and post punk rock times may well enjoy as well. But hey don’t just take this old fuckers word for it see if the signs are real here! Their new album Streets In The Sky is due out soon.

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biopunk said...

Cheers Nuzz! I really liked these boys, and that 'Gimme The Sign' song is great. Something to look forward to...