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Sunday, 18 March 2012

We go along in our own little bubbles, living our lives in little boxes, content with not bursting and breaking out into a world that is ours, the majority seem content with being blown about and kicked around by the people we have allowed to rule the world with their projects of capital and property.
Feelings of greed and envy keep the people fighting and failing to reach fulfilment, because their life isn’t like the life they have been sold and told they could have. Fear causes failure; people are failing to see what is in front of their eyes because they fear the unknown. It’s always been this way, there is no other way. No there isn’t if people don’t look for one! They might be happy living with the shit that’s being created, but I’m sick of it all and getting sicker each day with the sickness that keeps spreading the endless consumption of things and stuff the continuous upgrading of the goods, faster is better small is the new large, but it’s the same old shit no matter how much it sparkles, on the neon hoardings and the glossy magazine pages.
We need to look to our brothers and sisters across the world fighting for freedoms we take for granted and then give away to the state. The people on the streets with their flags, covered faces and firebombs. In Greece the birthplace of democracy, were the people are being made to pay and pay for their politicians failings. This surely is a sign that their neo liberal globalised Western Capitalist democracy is a failing project, it cannot go on for much longer. Their New Europe parade is just a charade the rich countries stay rich and the poor countries stay poor and in debt to the rich nations.
Then there’s Africa….The Birth place of human life, a place that along with the Far East made Europe and America rich from slaves, minerals and textiles. Parts of Africa are dying a slow death through drought, famine and civil war, they have been for decades. The world watches as it always has with its charity feeding corrupt dictators, it’ll take more than a Band Aid to heal the wounds.

1 comment:

Chris Ripple said...

You got that last bit right, mate.
We've just come back and while we were out there found out a twelve year old friend of my daughter has had to quit school to go to work for himself cos his mum & dad are sick.
He earns about £1.80 a day selling cooled water and there is fuck-all we can do about it...

This being one of those countries that the British government has cut the aid budget to, because we only give aid to those rich countries we can earn something out of now...

To put it mildly, the next time your employers chuck away all their lunchtime left-overs into their metal Council bins, I personally hope the government and all our fucking M.P.'s choke on it.