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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Let them eat cold pasties washed down with petrol.

What the fuck is going on?  Are the British people so fucking stupid that they can’t see what is really going on, well judging by events over the last week the answer is….Yes!

I mean the budget….The main talking point in the media seems to have been the proposed tax on hot pies and pasties.

Never mind about the increase in postage stamps, which is another nail in the coffin of the Royal Mail, the government hammered another one in recently by announcing that they will be buying up The Royal Mail pension funds that aren’t due to mature for another 30+ years, and use the money for other investments.  Lets hope that when the time comes to pay out the moneys still there, I wouldn’t bank on it.  I always thought that that wasn’t the best way to handle debt; borrowing from Peter to pay Paul as it’s called, but hey what do I know?  Well I know that people are selfish and stupid, from the top to the bottom.  Politicians preach to the people that we’re all in this together. Well ‘this’ is what they and the media have created. I mean…. announcing to the nation that there was going to be a tanker drivers strike and that people should stock up on supplies, this was no mistake on their part it was a planned exercise in social control, and a mindless mass of people fell for it hook line and sinkers, and guess what….they panicked and created a shortage by buying more than they needed.  Selfish stupid bastards!

Funny that since the petrol panic sales of fuel went up 81%, just before the end of the financial year,  when the extra fuel duty might come in handy and make the economy look a bit better than it would have.

I dread to think how people would react if the shit really came down after say some thermo-chemical terrorist attack, or if/when there’s a major water shortage, this year some parts of Britain have been declared as drought areas, and its not even the Olympic and Diamond Jubilee summer yet.

Pasties and Petrol have just been distractions from the bigger picture, our media may be described as ’free’ but they blackout the ‘real’ news by creating stories out of some things, and ignoring other stuff.  

I mean what’s going on in Syria?  Has all the fighting stopped for a religious holiday or is it still going on?  I haven’t seen much coverage in the media about it, what about Iran and their nuclear weapons caper able of hitting London, still the extra police on the streets for the Olympics and Diamond jubilee celebrations should do the trick, and the changes to Sunday trading laws should keep the people’s consuming habit happy, and just think of how good the extra trade is gonna be for the economy, that’s if the rocket launchers on Blackheath and the fighter planes in the skies don’t scare the tourists and sports fans away.   


Kostas said...

Stay Cool for your Olimpic Games .

Anonymous said...

Tories really seem to be fucking up. Expect some hardcore Daily Mail stylee dog whistle policy proposals in the weeks to come to bring any wavering middle Englanders back to the fold. OECD think that we’re heading for a double dipper. No shit? Most ordinary people round my way think we never came out of recession. Shoulda left Brown in, for better or worse, then we would have been out of all this by now. Always remember that this Tory government were never elected. problem is, there's not heavyweight opposition. Can't see people voting for Miliband to be PM.