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Sunday, 4 March 2012

VIVE LE ROCK - Smash It Up! (A Compilation)

I'm a bit late posting this, as the latest issue has already hit the news stands, but I’ve been having problems with my CD drive….it’s fucked! But hey ho lets go. Once again those good Vive Le Rock folk have collected a selection of tracks from the old’n’new beyond punk rock’n’roll new wavers. Sandwiched between THE DAMNED and JOE STRUMMER, you’ll find some foot stomping bourbon soaked blues boogie from THE URBAN VOODO MACHINE, there’s THE BREAKDOWNS, who initially remind me of McFly and Busted, which is not good but end up sounding like The Starjets, which is far better. Better still in the power pop punk stakes is ROBBIE CROSS, with his chugging and catchy racket. There’s some ‘Militant Rock’n’Roll' from KING CHEETAH and their spiky cutting post punk guitars. For THE BRAM STOKERS think The Jam and Buzzcocks, and forget The Ordinary Boys. TAURUS TRAKKER are produced by Mick Jones and are reminiscent of both The Clash and Carbon/ Silicon. THE DYNAMITE PUSSY CLUB Get under the groove with their funk soul garage punk. STEVE HOOKER treats us to some Southend Delta Swamp Blues, and THE METEORS give us a blast of their mutant rockabilly which refuses to die. Spain’s ALVA veer towards the metal end of the scale. PUSSYCAT AND THE DIRTY JOHNSONS come from Basingstoke but sound like their from the streets of New York City and LOADED 44 serve up some glorious catch old school female fronted punk rawk. Once again there’s something for every one on this compilation. Smash It Up! Here!!


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gobshyte said...

cheers for this Nuzz.i got the recent cockney rejects cd from them if you fancy a listen?