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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday Shit!

Great British justice on trial in secret courts. Behind closed doors our freedom is under attack, while across the world people are under attack for wanting their freedom. We the people need to be fighting for both!
The Secret Services secrets will remain secret in an open and shut cases full of lies and failures. These people are as powerful as the politicians in controlling our lives, with their miss information and fabrication of the facts, so when David Cameron announces that Iran are developing nuclear weapons that are caper able of attacking London (I wonder how long they’ll take to reach their target….45minutes maybe) Maaan! that’ll be some Olympic flame if Cameron and his cohorts have got their facts right, if they haven’t it’ll see more of our freedoms burnt at the alter of democracy, where those in power hide the truth from those they serve and those that serve for them. Every dead soldier is more blood on the hands of the past, present and future politicians, their truth is; that this is the price to pay to ensure our freedom and the freedom and democracy of the people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc. Illegal wars being fought on a battlefield of lies, inconvenient truths they’d rather we didn’t know about.
Thanks to the internet the truth is out there in posts on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube etc, some may say this is just as distorted as their truth. Well it has been said that in war, the first casualty is the truth, so the reality is that this whole war on terror has been bullshit from start to….wait up it hasn’t finished, and it never will as it’s a great weapon for social control in the so called ‘free world’ of Western Liberal Democracy.
Where people are innocent until proved guilty, then when they are found guilty they can appeal on the grounds of ’human rights’ which in the case of terrorists provides ammunition for the media in their battle for propaganda, and gives our leaders a reason to want to hide the truth into these cases, I mean it wouldn’t look good if it came to light that Britain gained vital information through torture would it, I mean that would make us worse than ’the enemy’ the people our leaders are trying to civilise in their new crusade, which means our freedom and democracy is reduced in order to secure future freedoms in parts of the world that are needed not just as new markets for the Western capitalist industrial military machine, but also to maintain the supply of the oil that powers the machine. And that’s the fuckin’ truth! I rest my case.

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