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Sunday, 4 March 2012

From the frozen children in Afghanistan to the dead bodies in Syria; the world watches in high definition clarity how can we ignore the suffering when it’s beamed live and direct to our front rooms.
Obama watched Bin Laden’s execution don’t tell me he hasn’t seen the Syrian slaughter. What mixed up morals and values people have. How much longer are we gonna take their hypocrisy and double standards
Western Governments get involved in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya with their democracy and collateral damage, yet with what is going on in Syria they sit back and do nothing , will a dead western journalist blown up while trying to find her shoes see bombs from the air or boots on the ground ? Well that depends if nations are united in defiance against the Syrian slaughter, which they’re not, well most of them are, all except Russia and China, which means no agreement and it seems no one wants to upset Russia or China; the Old Cold Enemies, who have come into the warm with business dealings with countries such as Syria as well as the rest of the world, and does the rest of the world want to upset Russia and China by taking action against their ‘friend’ Syria, especially in the present economic climate who wants to stop doing business with the oligarchs, lets not forget that Russia controls gas supplies to Europe. So no-one does anything they sit back and carry on watching.

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Right on NuZZ!

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