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Thursday, 30 August 2007


Now for something completely different. A NPW film review of sorts, including an evacuation from the cinema half way through the adverts at the beginning, (Shame) due to a 'serious incident.' Everyone was ushered outside and told to gather in a designated area and wait until instructed to go back in, which was about 20 minutes later. Never found out what the 'serious incident' was. (probably someone having a crafty fag.) Missed most of the trailers, but hey never mind, lets get on with the show. SUGARHOUSE, a brutal and beautiful film about a gun. Shot on a budget the size of a top Hollywood actors movie fee. Low in budget, but high on everything else. Great performances from Steven Macintosh and Ashley Walters who play two characters; Tom and D both from opposite ends of the social scale; City slicker and crackhead. They become drawn together in a deal that all gets a bit messy, involving a lunatic drug dealer, his pregnant partner and a three man posse of local yoofs, all set in a disused warehouse on a battered concrete Kings Cross housing estate. Amongst all the violence there is humanity and a point to it all. A great film. Go see, rent it on DVD or wait for it to come on the telly, but don't miss it whatever you do.

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JohnboyC said...

Went to see this at the cinema the other day... Great film, defintately worth it!