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Monday, 27 August 2007


t'other New Model Army post seemed to go down well, so here ya go here's some more live stuff; Recorded at Maxwells (where ever that may be) on 3/11/2005 for emusicLive. 86 minutes of the mighty righteous Army, some old some new, but nothing blue. I've been listening to their new album High a lot recently, top stuff. If yer lucky there may be a hidden link that's still active somewhere on this blog, to download it, courtesy of an anon visitor, have a look if, you find it fair enough if you don't then you'll just have to go and buy it, like all good music lovers should anyway. I have several views on all this sharing of music, on a personal level I think, fuck it; over the years I've probably spent a small fortune on records/CD's/Merchandise and gigs, so it's pay back time. As for the NMA new release, would I have gone out and bought it? Being honest about it, probably not, 'cos I'd not heard a lot of their stuff since their 'heyday' and the couple of bits I have I wasn't that impressed with, unlike High, which is great, and I wouldn't have heard that it if it weren't for Mr or Mrs Anon, now I'm thinking of going to see 'em live for the first time in fuck knows how many years, (that's New Model Army not Mr or Mrs Anon) so there yer go; it's all swings and roundabouts. Right then back to live at Maxwells, (which incidently I paid for) the only thing that remains is to do is click here for some clog stomping fury. Enjoy and don't forget to support the artists featured on this blog in what ever way you can. Shit, looks like I did have a bit of a rant, oops.


John Liedown said...

Thanks a million for this Wolfie. Didn't have it before. top stuff as always.

noisepress said...

thank you very much NUZZ!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

No problem. We aim to please.