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Sunday, 5 August 2007

I was reading something the other day about police DNA data bases, and how people caught for the most minor offence will have a sample of their DNA taken, an example used was that if a person was caught letting their dog foul the street, they would have a sample taken from them. I first thought blimey that's a bit extreme, then I thought pretty unlikely as; how often is anyone caught letting their dog shit on the pavement, hardly ever I'd say judging by the amount of dog crap on the streets where I live. My final thought (and this worried me a bit) was; Fuck 'em, if someone hasn't got the respect or takes no responsibility for their actions or in actions then why should I give a shit if they have their DNA taken. I know there are issues about 'human rights', but what about the rights of people out walking not treading in a piece of dog shit that someone else couldn't be arsed to pick up. As time passes I find myself getting quite intolerant with these bleeding heart liberals banging on about 'rights' for the individual when a lot of the time 'individuals' dont give a shit about the rights of others.


Pogel said...

Those people with convictions (of the moral kind) can find themselves taking an alternative stance when something affects them more personally. Think of the NIMBY mentality. We might be against the death penalty, but if someone killed someone close to them, raped them etc they change they outlook. On the DNA side of things I don't think the powers that be would waste their (or is it our) money on collecting the DNA of minor offenders. What we need to address and probably never will solve is why people offend against others. Even if there are no laws there are still crimes. Today I saw a crack whore totally out of her mind, filthy and toothless turning tricks. She was born an innocent child. Where did it all go wrong.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Thats the proplem with a capitalist system and a governance that upholds it, the majority of societys ills and 'problems' are a direct consequence of this, but then there are some that are just down to individuals with a lack of morals and values which lead them to offend against others, the whole DNA and minor offenders was just a load of media bollocks to stir things up a bit and divide the political world about what is the right course of action to take. I dunno if it's cos I'm getting older but I sometimes find myself thinking that the only way to preserve any values, morals and decency is for governments to become more authoritarian, yet I know this is wrong, or is it..If at the end the outcome is a decent society that actually gives a shit about others. The philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau talked about 'forcing people to be free', my concern with this is when people have power, they often abuse it but if like some say anarchy is gonna be the final outcome of history I cant't see the right of freedom of thought being taken away, as that would be a backward step towards a new utopia. I am seriously starting to think that we are gonna be entering a more authoritarian age in order to get to a just, fair and free society, maybe its a stage that societies have to pass through in order to be totally free, I dunno I aint got no answers I just observe and comment, all I know is that all around things seem to be falling apart, and are people gonna do something about it off their own backs or are they gonna need to be Dictated to? I dunno, watch this space, cos I'll probably do a whole post on some of the shit I've raised. One last quick thought; perhapes it all went wrong when societies went through a stage of greedy,selfish individualism, and the only way to redress this is through some forced collectivism Cheers Pogel, as always it's a pleasure to read your comments, cos they get me thinking and questioning stuff.