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Wednesday, 15 August 2007


In the interests of democracy Britain needs strong opposition parties. Cameron and his cronies are not doing their job, the Liberals due to lack of proportional representation have no chance of power. Support for parties such as the Green Party is growing and they are influencing policies, as are the BNP, the big parties know they have to listen to the people and respond for fear of losing votes to these parties. When it comes to debate in parliament and holding New Labour to account, the Tories are failing, without a strong opposition we are slowly slipping down a slope toward a Totalitarian Democracy. A one party state, with one vision of the future. This is not good, but perhaps it is period that society has to pass through, in order to reach what some belief will be the eventual outcome of history…Anarchy. Lets think about it……. And take a look back. We are in this mess because of a period of total individualism courtesy of Margaret Thatcher’s New Right vision, which destroyed the Trade Union voice of the working class and saw that there would be no such thing as society. To some this was seen as a necessary shift as they believed the workers had too much power and were responsible for Britain’s decline during the 1970’s. Bearing this ideological shift in mind perhaps to some the only way to clear up this social mess is through some sort of authoritarian totalitarianism, were the British population is literally gonna be ’forced to be free’, by the introduction by new draconian laws, some of which are already in place. Another thing to think about is that the Nazi party were originally called The National Socialist Party, New Labour have been spending time banging on about Britishness , and literally as I type this I hear on the news that the police force are going to start wearing black shirts as part of a new uniform.


Pogel said...

Nuzz please don't use the term Police "Force". It's conjurs up such unfriendly images. (Have you seen the movie "Hot Fuzz"?).
In regards to opposition parties here in the USA there is even less choice. It is very much a two party system. When I moved here and went to register for a voter's card they asked me which party I wanted to be registered with. I asked what were the choices and was told just Repelican and Demoncrat. I told them I didn't want either of these and they had to get a supervisor before entering me as "NP" no party. Apparantly I cannot vote for somethings now cos I'm not affiliated.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Nah aint seen Hot Fuzz Pogel, it's on my list, thing is what concerns me is that things are gonna get unfriendly, but your voting situation in the US is a bit much, there's nothing like living in a democracy, and that's nothing like it. Good to yer from ya.

Chris Ripple said...

I always thought 'Police Force' was what happened to Rodney King...
or Jean Charles De Menezez... ?
Democracy ? What's that ? I remember my parents talking about it back in the olden days... Dunno what it is now, tho'.