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Friday, 31 August 2007

THE CLASH - Live @ Victoria Park, Hackney 30/4/78

It's been a while since I've posted any Clash stuff, probably cos I'm spoilt for choice courtesy of the good folk at the If Music Could Talk forum, so this is a bit of a lucky dip, and out of the hat comes an audience recording from the last gang in town at the Anti Nazi League Carnival, were they played to a crowd of up to 100,000 politically charged punters united against the growing far right movement of the time. The recording aint the best, but the passions there and as an artifact its well worth the click and save as. Alright so you don't get to see Joe in his infamous Red Brigade T-Shirt, you can see that on Rude Boy, but you do get to hear Jimmy Pursey joining the gang for White Riot, mind you, you can see and hear that on Rude Boy as well. Anyway I'm starting to type shite so it's time to go, but before I do that best let yer know where to get this from, and that place is right here right now. Well not exactly now cos DivShare is fucking about and this is the third and last time I'm gonna try, before using one of their competiters. Who said too much choice was a bad thing, shit I think I have in several posts, oops better go now, here ya go here's the link, cos I'm chatting even more shit than before. NO!, NOT AGAIN, FUCK YOU! divShare. I'm off elsewere. Right lets's try again...Quickshare nah bit of a contridiction in terms there, right back to the ever reliable Sendspace it is. YES! RESULT, here's the link. See ya good people. HERE'S A NEW LINK TO DOWNLOAD THIS GIG


abramson said...

My god this one's gonna get the memories rushing back of a spotty right on 17 year old tired as hell after the march that got his batteries recharged by this stella performance.
Princess Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

great but dead link...re-up PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

What is Password to open this please

Esteban said...

Hello! You could repair the link or send it to me at my e-mail or Dropbox. I am looking for this video for years.
My e-mail is ave--fenix@hotmail.com
In dropbox, I'm Esteban Fuentes.
Thank you!