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Sunday, 5 August 2007

THE CLASH - A Tale Of Two Cities.

It was June the year was 1981 and Britain was in the midst of rioting on the streets of major cities like London, Bristol and Liverpool. Where were The Clash? They were in New York getting flak from hardcore fans for not being back home "throwing bricks" This was the White Riot they had sung about. Babylon was Burning and they were in NYC meeting up with film stars, directors and other glitterati. What was going to be a seven night residency at Bonds Casino turned into a two week stay in the Big Apple, due to fire laws and concerns about overcrowding. The rioting in Times Square prior to the opening night, when fans with tickets were denied access may not have had the same ring to it as what was going on in the UK, but it all helped build the myths and legends surrounding The Clash. They took no prisoners at these shows, supported by rap artists, graffiti artists, joined on stage by poets and political activists. This is when and where The Clash took of in America, they had 'em eating out of the palm of their hands, global domination wouldn't be long. Spurred on by the spectacle of the New York shows, in Sept 1981 The Clash assaulted Paris in a similar fashion, playing a residency at the Mogador Theatre, with the same galvanising effect on fans and musicians alike. These set of shows cemented The Clash as a band that really did matter. Anyway enough, you've read the words now listen to the music:


usted said...

thanks a lot for these!
great blog!

Nazz Nomad said...

i was at the bonds shows! great fun! but crowded! and bonds was a huge place.

Anonymous said...

downloaded these files but cant get them to play. how do i play them please

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Have you unzipped them anon?

Anonymous said...

download manager downloaded them as unknown file types, tried without it and bingo. Nice one. Always on the lookout for clash stuff, ta for these.

Maxi said...

Thanxs for this m8 ;)