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Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Not really the first band I saw, that was the Optional Xtras. Chron Gen, or Chronic Generation as they were called then were the second, they were still a three piece future members Jon T and Pete Dimmock were playing in the Optional X-tras. Also playing that night were Filthy Habitz, this was the night in January 1980 was when punk rock hit Stevenage and Bowes Lyon House opened it's door to 'alternative muzik' gigs, thanx to Tim and Les who ran local fanzine Vsign and promoted the inaugural gig. Chron Gen played many of their early gigs at Bowes and practised in the venues bar. The cover of their first release was taken in the 'rifle range', which was an actual rifle range downstairs. Aaargh those were the days; a bar and rifle range in the local Youth Club. Chron Gen soon had a hugh local following that became a national one after the release of their debut ep Puppets Of War, and their appearance along with The Exploited, Discharge, Anti Nowhere League and Anti-Pasti on the infamous Apocalypse Now tour in 1981. Any self respecting 80's punk was not without a copy of Puppets Of War, a great slab of Buzzcocks/Clash punk. This download is from their Limited Edition Chaos tape release recorded in Leicester on the Apocalypse Now tour. Get it here.


Jeronyme said...

Brilliant stuff!
Look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMZmhmgR1IY
Thanx a lot Nuzz!

pip said...

Thanks for this one, used to have a few of the chaos tapes releases,
Adicts, Vice Squad, The Fall, unfortunately all long gone now, still have Chelsea Live though, thanks again .. Great Blog

John Liedown said...

Outlaw is one of my favourite ever tracks. and Reality. And hounds of the night. I love Chron Gen.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I still have that tape...very good it was as were the other ones in the series...great band though remember being a bit pissed off with the LP on secret though, cos it felt like it had just been thrown together with no thought...Anyone ever get the second mini LP? Oh dear...That tape on CHAOS, Puppets on Gargoyle, and Reality on Step Forward are the only worthy additions to any punkers collection. All the rest is filler...

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I'm with Penguin on this one, but yer right John Outlaw is a great track, thank for the comment pip, and I'd love a copy of the Chelsea Chaos tape, like the other ones of yours my Chelsea one went west. Don't think they've aged that well jeronyme.

pip said...

Hope it's ok to put the link for Chelsea Live here.

I transfered my original to CD-R Audios then to MP3 192 kbps

I uploaded this a while back to the skafunkrastapunk forum with a copy of the artwork I found on the
web as I dont have a scanner just now

Download Link: disc 1 http://sharebee.com/a0a7ece5

Download Link: disc 2 http://sharebee.com/ec2845ba

Any problems with it I will re-up

All the best

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers Pip, no problem posting links here. Ties in nicely with the Chron Gen post as Jon T and Pete D both went on to play in Chelsea around 1984 I think, fact fans.

mrmagoomc4 said...

yo nuzz really great posting saves me posting this littrle gem gonna post a live chron gen soon and a demo that inc the following tracks
now that all the birds dont sing/pretend/too much talk/pictures paint minds/ im sure there all unreleased diff versions to the nowhere left to run mini lp infact there miles better anyway cheers

johnthepunk said...

Great find! Cron Gen was one of my favorite bands from the 80's

digitalmover said...

Great blog, thanks a lot. I saw all the bands of the Apocolyps Tour, between 1981 and 1983 . Time flies when you're havin' fun!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

cHEErs for calling by and commenting John and Digital mover.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic thread,what great days they were
mick Simmons
(Filthy Habitz drummer)