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Friday, 20 February 2009

Doing it for the kids!

What kind of vicarious society have we become where the media think that we need to witness the death of a self styled celebrity culture whore, who’s sold their live and now their death to the cameras and the type face. I’m not here to make light of Jade Goody’s illness, because there are thousands of people living and dying with cancer who I’m sure would like to provide financial security for their families after they have gone, but they’re not in the position to be able to sell their stories to Hello magazine, because no one would give a shit about their lives as their not a so called celebrity, who found fame as a loser on Big Brother, then as a foul mouthed racist on Celebrity Big Brother. If Jades exploitation of her situation helps raise awareness of cancer all well and good(y) but that in itself will be another example of just how mindless the masses have become, if it takes someone like her to make them think. "The public gets what the public wants."


Longy said...

I nearly spat my tea all over the keyboard viewing this picture lol I know its not funny whats happening to Jade regarding the big C,wouldn't wish it on anyone but ffs this media circus is one big joke.

She wants to leave a good legacy for her kids right? Fair enough......but tell this,why is she having the biggest expensive wedding ever then? Surely that money would of been better off for the kids when they are older. Lets face it, a 99 room posh Essex country house is fuck all to hire out for a weekend is it?

Ever the feeling you've been cheated!

Highlander said...

You wonder where the line will be drawn. Will we be 'treated' to a photo of Jade drawing her last breath or, better still, maybe it will be on YouTube? Obviously I feel sorry for the woman but the media coverage and her 'friend' Max Clifford all over the news like a rash is just a symptom of where we are.

PG said...

living are filming her last days so look out for the tv special then the Double-disc DVD-she wants to make cash for her kids,fair enough but come on let's have a bit of dignity.My mum died of cancer when I was 9-not much chance to make extra cash out of her job as a pub cleaner i guess