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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

"Workers of the world......"

These recent ‘wildcat strikes’ are all a bit worrying, but nothing that wasn’t expected. The workers are throwing Gordon Browns words right back at him. Too right brother! But when those words are “British jobs for British workers” I start to feel a bit uncomfortable with it all, because it all starts sounding a bit xenophobic for my liking, and also for Peter Mandelsons as well, saying the strikes were the “politics of xenophobia” Woa! Wait a fucking minute, it was his wheeling and dealings that put the workers in this position in the first place. Another concern I have is since when have the Unions supported far right policies? I always thought their fight was also against fascism, but yet a unite flag is flying amongst the union jacks, doesn’t mean their xenophobic though, or does it? Because a Union representative I heard being interviewed yesterday avoided the questions about this, and said they were just supporting “their members jobs” I also heard one of their members referring to the Italian workers as “Ities” Yes the media will no doubt distort and manipulate it for what ever ends, but it is happening. BNP leader Nick Griffin must be rubbing his hands in glee, especially when Labour MP and champion of the poor Frank Field expressed his concern a week ago that in a recent report there were 10 schools in Britain were pupils didn’t have English as their first language, and he felt this was “Bad, and fragmented society” mind you I don’t believe a word any of ‘em say, because the same Frank Field expressed concerns this week that the strikes were playing into the hands of the BNP and the far right” (doesn’t know what side he’s on, mind you they’re all the fucking same!) which they will; because the workers are in a no win situation thanks to New Labour and The New Europe. Well and truly shafted. Up the workers indeed. One last thing, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Hitler’s government in Germany started life as a NAtional SocIalist party!!!!


Chris Ripple said...

Errr... Two things...
As posted above, did you mean (un)comfortable in line six ?
and... Dunno if you saw the news late last night but a B.N.P. bod went up to Linsey to give out their leaflets (British jobs for British workers) and the strikers asked him to leave.
He wouldn't, so the strikers asked the police to remove him, which they did after a bit of verbal argybargy.
I think it's a slogan that although means well, can, as you so rightfully put it, be taken as total xenophobia.
But all power to the strikers 'cos they saw through it.

Sir Charlie Palmer said...

I'm finding it all very uncomfortable as well. I want to support the workers and their right to strike because its such a fundamental right of the working person. But it places such an ethical dilemma on those of us who have any kind of left wing views. It would be far better if people were striking and protesting about Gormless Browns economic policies and New Labours consistent deceit and betrayal of the working class which has led us into such a serious recession. EVERYONE's job is at stake and we need to unite not attack other members of the EU who, lets get it right, have the right to work in this country and support their families as well. The only humour I find in all this is the Daily Mail's struggle to cope with having to attack someone other than Muslims, Asians and young black males!!! Who could have predicted the Italians would be the new target? Not even a Polish worker in sight!
However, its the same old story isnt it? The media will focus attention on the individuals concerned rather than the governments ineptitude and disgraceful leadership.
I also agree with you about the BNP and the potential for targeting people at a time when they are vulnerable. I don't believe that there is anything wrong with being pro-British - the past fifty years (as an example) have been characterised by a shift in national identity and our 'traditional' culture has been infused and enhanced by so many other cultures - generally for the better I feel. I agree with us having some sort of patriotism as long as being British means exactly that and not white British! The danger of course with the BNP is that they are for the White British only and therein lies the problem for people who want to support the country but not at the expense of other people. We are potentially heading into a dangerous few years and we need to be vigilant......

Chris Ripple said...

Nice one, S.C.P. I agree totally, now if I can open it out even further, I will, as this throws up another couple of dilemmas that nobody seems to want to mention ?

One. Tracing back the old family tree we can get back to 1827...
It's English, not British.
Every official form I see is filled in as such as 'white other' and if they want details I write in English.
I work with a bunch of Scots and they are proud of their heritage which is Scottish. It's certainly not British.
Now I would imagine that those of Welsh or Irish heritage feel the same way ?
Their own heritage is totally different to the English one and since this site is also a musical one then take music as an example.

If you study just their musical and literary heritage you will find they all totally different from each other let alone English, and yet for convenience sake, we are all lumped together as one when the government sees fit.
This fakery, as in the 'Union' found in the national flag the Union Jack comes from a political place way back in history and is, I think, what makes the British Isles stronger in times of war but weaker in times of peace.

My own personal view is that everybody born in England is English and everyone born in Scotland is Scottish, Wales are Welsh and Ireland are Irish and that is where it ends. Colour is not an issue and never has been.

Where successive governments have let us down since I've been alive (and probably further back than that) is the concentrating on colour as a part of ethnecity that just isn't really there. It's false, the same as the phrase 'British Muslim'.
Why Muslim ?
It has no bearing on your ethnic origin whatsoever, and is again, a falsehood.
The parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc, may have emigrated here for whatever reason from any another country and yet they retain their own ethnicity whether they come from China, Africa, The Middle East or wherever and the problems begin when they inflict their ethnecity upon those of their children who were born, to use a phrase from the past, 'Free Blooded Englishmen'.
They were not born 'Free Blooded Muslims', 'Free Blooded Taoists' or Free Blooded anything else but they were born Free Blooded Englishmen.
Therefore the problems will always arise when anything is put above that fact, and while understanding why various ethnic groups try to stick together because of language, religious belief or whatever, it does them or the country they choose to live in no favours, for this is what causes the division and the divisive attitudes we have today.
We have a culture of multi- ethnecity but what we don't have, whether the p.c. brigade like it or not, is a multi-ethnic culture.

I hate to have to say it, but this is where the Americans score over us, because if you wish to be an American citizen then you have to take an oath of allegiance to the country and everything else is secondary to that and everybody born in America is regarded as an American citizen anyway, regardless of colour or religious belief.
We don't have that, and if they want the problems we currently have to suffer to go away, something very much like it is going to have to be introduced ?

Consider the Dutch for a mo'.
They have an examination which every immigrant has to take after a year (I think) and if you can't speak basic level Dutch after a year in the country, then you cannot stay. They don't worry about colour or religion, they worry about communication and integration with those already living in the country and that is where the problem arises within the British Isles...
There is no integration.
People from other cultures, countries and societies are not invited to integrate with the population already there.
Some (the sensible ones) will do it of their own accord and be accepted within their local societies, but others, for whatever reasons or beliefs they held in their country of origin, will not, and that is where the division lies and no amount of legislation from our government (if you can call this shower that ?)against language, jokes, beliefs or dress is going to alter that fact.

Music, literary culture and food cross all national boundaries, therefore you have to ask why 'colour' and religion do not ?
And that is what people (I'm using the term loosely) like the B.N.P. and (currently) the 'suicide bomber' seize upon to promote their poison.

I'll leave it there I think, altho' I could go on about this for hours.

Peace is all everybody wants and that is in ALL of us, so why not stand for that ?

With love from a radical, anarcho', tory buddhist.