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Sunday, 22 February 2009

THE LEATHER NUN - Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) 12" Vinyl Rip

This here record is a classic example of a cover version that turn the original on it’s head and spins it right round. In 1986 Sweden’s The Leather Nun took fellow country folk ABBA’s cheesy but slightly dark pop tune about a women longing for a relationship and turned it into a sleazy ode to either homosexuality or a search for drugs, or both, by simply changing the word “A” to “My” (Gimme Gimme Gimme My Man after midnight) a stroke of simple genius and a brilliant record. Get hold of your man after midnight here and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

One of my favourite bands. Saw them a coupla times....very loud!

Cool post Nuzz


J.N said...

Thanks for all the uploads today! Ive also seen Leather Nun a couple of times and it sure was a great liveact! This version is good, but it do exist another version with even more guitars that was out on a more limited 12" with, if I dont remember wrong, pink cover instead of this yellow.

the saucer people said...

Huge thanks for sharing The Leather Nun's version of the ABBA classic, without a doubt one of the best cover versions ever conceived by woman, man, beast or Swede!

Whatever possessed me to sell all my vinyl is beyond me. Now I have to rely on the kindness of blogs like yours as more often than not you cannot find them on CD or digital download.

Also thanks for referencing the case of Gary Critchley, its an absolute fucking travesty but equally given the fact the justice system of the UK is inherently stacked against the powerless, poor, the excluded and the political, it is sad but inevitable that cases like Gary's should exist.

One thing the net is good at is the fact that there are blogs and sites out there which will carry this information and hopefully if a critical mass of people contact the Birmingham MPs etc then an appeal will occur. This makes every persons email and dissemination of the PDFs etc truly important. I or you or anyone for that matter could be the person that tips the balance...

Liked the 'Raised In A Prison' line..a reference to The Mob track?

By the way, I found 3 more Leather Nun 12 Inches posted including my personal Leather Nun favourite after Gimme..., the legendary FFA track they did with Monte Cazazza


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