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Sunday, 22 February 2009

LE MAT - The Waltz Of The Fool (Vinyl album rip)

I posted Le Mats one and only single ages back, so now here’s their only album. Recorded in 1982 over 10 days and on a budget of £2,000 it was eventually released on Friday 13th June 1983 by Whaam records. A very special album that defies all catogories; is it folk, post punk, psychedelic or prog rock, who gives a fuck! It is a unique and beautiful record both musically and lyrically and I should have posted it way before now, but better late then never. You’d be a fool not to have a waltz to it, so here you go!


Paul Groovy said...

cheers for putting this up.my vinyl copy is scratched to bits.You are only the 3rd person I know who has this lost great album.thanks again nuzz
Paul Groovy
ps go to www.topplers.net for details of their free cd with unreleased nikki sudden/jowe head/epic soundtracks stuff-you just pay postage.

Chris Ripple said...

Ok, I admit it...
You've foxed me again.
Who are these guys ?
Whatever ? Whoever ?
This is great !

newelectricmuse said...

I'm the 4th to have this album - you don't see it around very much.Would be good to have it reissued on CD - I like it! Good cover and the band's image fitted the music well too.

The Toon said...

The keyboard player / fiddler was best man at my wedding!
Le Mat on MySpace

Mark Mifsud-Bonnici said...

And I am that keyboard player / fiddler !


markyrog said...

My mate bought this album back in the 80s and I loved it. Everything works so well, guitar work is outstanding. Hunted it down on the inet n got a pristine copy. Tried to copy it to cd but fail miserably everytime. Is there a half decent download?

immortelle89 said...

Could you please reupload it, can't find it anywhere else! Thank you in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hi - any chance of a re-up for the Le Mat album please?

Anonymous said...

Hello - could you please re-upload the Waltz For The Fool album by Le Mat. It's an excellent album and unfortunately I've been unable to hear it for several years. Thank you in advance.