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Saturday, 28 February 2009

JACOBITES - Howling Good Times (Vinyl Album Rip)

It's been a while since I've posted any Nikki Sudden, so here we go with the Jacobites 1993 album Howling Good Times. Can't think of much to say that I haven't said before about Nikki, so I'll let his partner in crime Dave Kusworth do the talking, in an article that originally appeared in Magnet magazine.

"The first time I met Nikki Sudden, he was writing for ZigZag magazine. He came down to Birmingham, England, in 1980 to write an article on the Subterranean Hawks, my band with singer Steve Duffy (who’d later co-found Duran Duran and form the Lilac Time). Nikki said to me, “If the Hawks ever split up, we should form a band together.” He turned up with his guitar one day on my doorstep shortly after the Hawks had split up. He was that kind of guy, always there and ready to play at any opportunity.
I’d just got this band together called the Bible Belt, and somehow things came together in a strange way when Nikki asked me to play guitar on his second solo album. (The title of it is The Bible Belt. Ha!) We hung out together, started writing songs, listening to the Faces and Stones. I guess somewhere around then, the Jacobites were born.
Now Nikki is dead. He died on my birthday, just as we were planning the next Jacobites album to come out in 2006. I remember my girlfriend saying, “You went to answer the door last night.” It was as if someone wanted to be let in. I heard the news the next day.
We had our ups and downs, our ego things, but we’d always be back together after our solo projects. I’ve come to realize how much work he put into getting gigs and staging tours—nearly always on his own, with no help from hardly anyone. But at least he will be remembered, and the actual worth of the music, well, I find it hard to judge my own stuff half the time. A friend of mine said to me the other day that he honestly believes the Jacobites’ 1985 record, Robespierre’s Velvet Basement, is the best album ever made. Sometimes, I just can’t take that in. To me, it was just me and Nikki sitting around playing our songs to each other with a couple of guitars.
I hope the rest of the world gives a little more respect to Nikki’s stuff now that he’s gone, though I never liked that remark much. As Johnny Thunders said, “The only way you get respect is when you die, if you’re a friend of a mine.” Nikki is still alive to me, and I’ll keep playing those Jacobites songs and keep it alive. He did it for his late brother Kevin (Godfrey, a.k.a. Epic Soundtracks, Nikki’s bandmate in Swell Maps), and I know that’s what he would’ve wanted.
You don’t find a lot of guys who would’ve kept going for little or no money in this business for all those years. And you don’t find many who are into exactly the same music as you. He was a rock ’n’ roll soldier. I guess he went the way he would’ve wanted to go, but I think he thought it would be many years down the road."

Download Howling Good Times here! (includes free single)


Longy said...

Nice fitting tribute from Dave Kusworth there Nuzz. Thanks for sticking that up. Even more thanks for sticking this Jacobites up. Ain't got this one. Smashing upload sir.

Anonymous said...

such an amazing album!!! i do not own this on vinyl, i haven't heard this one for quite some time!! Its been Robespierre's Velvet Basement thats taken over my stereo the past few months! Howling Good Times is a classic!!! thanks a million nuzz!! keep on howling with the wolves! cheers DD

Anonymous said...

Nice one Nuzz. Like you I still have this on vinyl...but sadly it’s not a signed copy!

So cool that you continue to keep the Nikki/Dave flame alive on here. Just wish Dave would do a few more gigs once in a while.


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Yeah I thought so to longy, Robespierres...what an album, a desert island disc of mine DD. The flames getting a bit less bright, running out of stuff, that others haven't posted elsewhere, but I've a couple of logs to put on the fire somewhere, sometime pipeline, yeah I'd like to see Dave again sometime. I remember getting stranded after missing last train home after a Kusworth gig, the venue was in some shopping centre out Hammersmith/Shepherds Bush way I think. Cheers for yer time and stay free.

planckzoo said...

Nuzz, thanks for posting this LP, somehow I missed it when it came out.I also wish Dave Kusworth would play out more and release some new music.

Chris Ripple said...

Wow ! The album that got me into Nikki Sudden (Look, I was a late arrival, ok ?).
I owned a record shop when this came out and it made our Recommended Top Ten Albums of the year despite me not having much of a clue at the time as to who he was etc.
How did I miss him ? Shit happens, and you can't listen to everything despite trying to do so. My fault entirely and I've spent the ensuing years playing catch up.

If you don't own it then just download it here 'cos it's an absolute corker and you won't regret it.

gobacktogo said...

Wow, thanks a lot for this man! I've been looking for this album for a long time.

There's a few other Sudden/Jacobites albums I'm still trying to find:
- The Jewel Thief
- Red Brocade
- Kiss Of Life
- Old Scarlett
- Heart of Hearts
- From The Warwick Road To The Banks Of The Nile
- Seven Lives Later
- Liquor, Guns And Ammo

haha, fuck me that's a lot of albums. They are just impossible to track down in hard copy or online.

I'd appreciate any if you have them!


gobacktogo said...

Nuzz, by the way I posted the rare "God Save Us Poor Sinners" LP on my blog.


Hopefully some of you guys will enjoy that as well.


Howdjadoo said...

Hell yeh"RED BROCADE" Anyone?

Howdjadoo said...

never mind here's "Red Brocade"@ 192kbps


as to"Gobacktogo":Most of yer wants are still floating teh netz - Howdy

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Better late than never chris, and I'm sure you ordered us a couple of Nikki's albums back in the day. The Jewel Thief will be posted over the next couple of weeks Dan,and I can also run to Seven Lives Latter at some point cheers for that link Howdjadoo, been after that one,as well as a few off Dans list.

Howdjadoo said...

Heart Of Hearts


Ok off to my search for Roy Loney again - Howdy

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the Holwing Good Times reissue by Easy Action, plus the lost Golden Vanity album he recorded with Phil Shoenfelt (Easy Action too)!!! add Nikki and Dave together and you have one hell of a band!!! on the 26th it will be 3 years since Nikki passed away..what a shame!!! Dave's solo albums are also excellent!!!

Mark said...

I've not seen that Kusworth piece before so thanks for posting. I saw Kusworth & Sudden a few times in Brum when I was a kid and even saw them busking in a subway once. I still go & see Dave whenever I can but despite the love there seems to be for him on the net, there's often very few souls there. I was involved in an Alice Cooper gig last year and managed to get Dave on as last minute support. A lot of the Alice crew knew who he was although Dave's gig didn't go to plan when the equipment started to fail halfway through...

sexy said...



geololo said...

Hello Nuzz, great post but the link is dead. Could ypu please refresh the link ?
You really got amazing and nowhere else to be found stuff in this blog. Thank you very much.