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Saturday, 28 February 2009


This compilation See Dee is full of some great lo-fi rock’n’roll, for lovers of The Swell Maps. Jowe Head and Phones Sportsman pop up all over the place with their instrumental musings, there’s a great unreleased Nikki Sudden track Glam Rok Soxx, and Thrilled Skinny covering the Maps classic Read About Seymour, the Maps connection continues with The Cult Figures and Steve Treatment, amongst others with no Swell Maps connections are Paul Groovy & The PopArt Experience, who ’pop’ up with Andy Watch Out, a great slice of psychedelic punk released as a single in 1987. This is a truly great listen, which isn’t available here! But is available there! at Topplers website, for the recession/inflation/credit crunch busting price of 85p, yes that’s right 85 fucking pence! A bargain, I mean 16 tracks for 85p You cant go wrong, and I mean you can’t go wrong, even if you don’t like the Swell Maps, which is just wrong anyway.


Longy said...

Brilliant site that Topplers Nuzz. I got the See Dee Too 2008 free from them when I ordered the Angel Racing Food and Olives Hairy Custard Cds off them. Great value stuff.

Marky Dread said...

Cheers for the heads up 85p bargain or what?.

This reminded me that I lent my mate Paul a tape of Paul Groovy & The Pop Art Eperience back in '86 called "Let's Crash The Blue Bus" and guess what I called him and he's still got it... result.

Paul Groovy said...

"no maps connection?" ok not on record maybe-but meeting nikki at Marc Bolan's last uk gig(portsmouth march 77) and being friends with nikki & jowe for all those years must sort of count?Also Phones Sportsman has done a cover of Andy Watch Out !!! will sort out mp3 version of Lets Crash The Blue Bus so you can post it if you want.

Marky Dread said...

I would love those mp3's Paul that would be cool as the tape is fairly worn out. cheers.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Ooops, that told me. Sorry there Paul, this pies tasting good. Looking forward to the arrival of the blues bus.