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Monday, 28 December 2009


In the dying days of 2009, as one family’s child is flown back in a box from Afghanistan another’s son boards a plane for America on a ‘suicide mission’ So just who is winning ‘the war on terror’? This latest one came from Yemen, and he may have been radicalised in London, it also transpires that security forces were aware of him. A late entry into a Top 10 List of You couldn’t make this shit up, of things that happened in 2009 perhaps? I say you couldn’t make it up, but they could let it happen though. Think about it! Support for their war is falling amongst the public, who maybe need reminding as to what the fight is all about. At least no one was killed, or maybe that was part of their plan. I fail to believe that MI5, CIA, Homeland Security etc could have taken their eye off the ball that much. I mean A terrorist attack at Christmas think of the symbolism if it had succeeded. Just another thing, any failings that are seen in and by the security services, will then justify their use of increased surveillance and new detection technologies. One more gate will shut in fortress Europe as their war on terror enters another year.


ammut said...

It has been great fun watching the chaos at the airports over here. It is truly amazing what a man with exploding underwear can do. mind you would have been another matter if he had succeeded.
cheers and a happy new year to everyone

Kostas said...

Happy new year my friend !!!

aikin said...

I'm not in favor of a draft here in the U.S., but if we had one, maybe people would take to the streets like they did during Viet Nam. And maybe we could get out of those countries we have no business being in.

As long as the war doesn't come to their front door, most people don't care. It's just something to fill the time until another reality show comes on.