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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

"So we buy it, we consume. We are the suckers"

Why is it whenever I go shopping some things piss me off? Sales ass istants ! When you need one, they know absolutely nothing about the product you want to know about. When you don’t need one, they follow you around the shop and what until you stop walking and then they pounce. “Do you need any help?” No I don’t and if I do I’ll ask someone who’s not gone know about anything anyway. Then if eventually I do decide to make a purchase, there’s the till, queuing up behind people paying by credit card, if you can’t afford it in cash why you buying it? Some shops have cash only tills, I often find the queues shorter at those. So finally make it to the till, then the ass istant utters the words “Would you like a bag?” No! I’m gonna balance the goods on the top of my fucking head and let them get wet in the rain while I walk home, of course I want a bag.


Anonymous said...

Calm down. You're begining to sound like Richard Littlejohn

Anonymous said...

I always pay cash in high street shops for everything Nuzz. Thankfully not through poverty, but just something I’ve always done, amazes me how many people pay by card, even for the smallest item like a pair of socks. Though these days I try to avoid shops wherever possible. Even started ordering food shopping online and getting it delivered. Delivery cost is £3.50, but to me that’s £3.50 worth of pain eliminated, traipsing round a crowded supermarket and standing in a slow queue of ‘orrible ‘Hard working families’ all paying by card, with the obligatory ‘Do you want any cash back with that’ mantra coming from the drone on the till. And of course, the inevitable battle of whit’s with the till drone just to get a fucking plastic bag to carry your shit home in. And the indignity of getting eyeballed by the security person at the exit as you leave with your hard earned plastic bags, for seemingly no particular reason other than they appear unhappy in their job. Yeah, I can recommend online shopping and supermarket delivery.

Longy said...

I take it you've been Christmas shopping too Nuzz! I could not agree more with what you've written - bloody shop assistants are a pain the arse,hassling you and like you say,when you do need help they haven't got a scoobie or they have disappeared into thin air. As for credit cards,this poncey,spotty oink had the nerve to hold up my day by paying for 10 ciggys with his CC which took about 5 minutes and me not being the most patient of chaps wanted to bloody clout him!

I recently had a major "Iceland experience" which I might write about in due course but needless to say,it was shopping made (un)easy.

As for the bag situation,its just getting worse but I can't help but notice these nice people that do deliver your shopping to your door,deliver them in the very bags they are so against giving us when we do a simple shop ourselves. Why is that? Its double standards and if someone forks out over 25 quid or whatever to get their grub delivered,then you expect these nazi's to encourage the enviromental situation with their famous bags for life. I'm glad they don't though as they make crap bin liners!

Stargazor said...

Which Punk song do the lyrics "So we buy it, we consume. We are the suckers" originate?
I've got an old John Peel tape with the song on it but don't know the name of the band.
Would be much appreciated...