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Saturday, 5 December 2009

SHARKS - Shallow Waters ( the myspace tunes)

Here’s a band that may well be worthy of your consideration, they have been of mine since I read a brief snippet about them in the NME, and downloaded some tunes from their myspace page. It’s rare that there’s been many bands to catch my attention over the last few years from those pushers of taste at the music press; The Gaslight Anthem, Glasvegas, Twisted Wheel, The Enemy, The Dead 60’s, probably about one a year, this years model goes by the name SHARKS. Why this bunch ? Well… 1) With their slicked back and quiffed up hair they look slightly different to the floppy fringe, skinny look spiky haired indie wannabe whatever look, but more importantly…2) They had something to say that made me think umm! These guys might actually be worth checking out, unlike the rest of the floppy fringed, skinny look spiky haired indie wannabes that the NME shove down its readers throats. The band said they’d “rather be poor and lonely for the sake of keeping their music pure” NME said it could make the band seem po-faced. Excuse me but since when was it po-faced to do it your way, regardless of the cash and celebrity. Sounds like a good attitude to me, that’s what makes a band A BAND and not just another product for the industry. Anyway, time will tell how Sharks survive in the waters of the music biz. Not that they sound that bothered because in an interview for Impose Magazine when asked about future plans James Mattock from the band said “It's hard to know, destroy and rebuild music... I guess.” Sharks back up their talk with a sound not to dissimilar to early Manic Street Preachers with a dash of the Clash a splash of US Punk Rawk and a sprinkling of that 80’s and early 90’s indie/alternative sound. Geat stuff! As well as their myspace songs I’ve also included their cover of The Wedding Present’s Brassneck on this here download. If you’ve liked any of the other bands I’ve plugged here via the pages of NME; Gaslight Anthem, Glasvegas etc then I’m sure you’ll find Sharks just as good, give ‘em a few months and they’ll be circling, scaring and ready to tear at the flesh of the industries dead and dying ducks.

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nekrodad said...

hey nuzzy nuzz, im going to check these dimple dicks out. see, what all the drama is about. i love early maniacs in fact i saw them on their 1st us tour, i thought it was great. but then the swindle, the sell out the bullshit that followed them. just to find out they were faking it all along!!!! thanks matey