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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Yet another untitled piece of prose.

My heart Fucking bleeds! £40,000 a year. Nice work if you can get it! Having to pay an extra £200 in tax. Fuck me, an extra £200 in my wage packet and in millions of other peoples a year would be nice, don’t suppose that’ll ever happen, we’ll just be taxed by stealth to pay for their fuck ups. Here’s a Top 10 of them for this year:
1) The continuing illegal war
2) MP’s expenses.
3) Taking the country to the brink of bankruptcy
4) …..Fuck it I can’t be bothered to think of anymore, it’s just too depressing and makes me too angry. Poxy fucking culture of lists. Top 10 albums/bands/books/films etc. Truth is it should be about quality rather than quantity, and its all subjective and not very objective. I object because this thing about lists, it’s just a bottom down version of New Labour’s obsession with audits, league tables etc, that’s what has defined this government, that is what has created a market for all the managers, jobs etc that are needed to monitor, collate, analysis and then present the data to the public for propaganda purposes. How much does all this shit cost to tell us, that the average family is worth £204,000 (If figures are to be believed) what? Well I never said I was average, and as for these people earning and having to pay more tax. Too right! The more you are worth, the more you should have to pay. I’ve nothing against wealth and money, it’s just peoples attitude towards it, and what it is actually worth. Nothing, if you haven’t been brainwashed by their Capitalist System, where everything is up for sale. Food, clothing and shelter, basic needs. The rest are just wants. The more you want, the more you need their money, the more you have to play the game. My families income with two people working each year is just over half £40,000, our assets? Well…….I don’t think so. What a bunch of losers! Not really, still manage to live a fulfilling and satisfying life, it’s about the value of things. The only value money has is to corrupt. The reason we are in ’this mess’ is because everyone who grew up under Thatcher and had nothing, has thanks to New Labour grown rich and become the very people Thatcher wanted to create. The Cult of The Individual. More like the individual is a cunt! Now times are hard all those who’ve worked for their future, spent money they didn’t have to attain and maintain the elusive illusion of a life style that actually means something when in reality it means nothing are gonna have to pay, but they aint gonna be happy. I can understand that with MP’s expenses scandal, costs of War etc I aint happy about those either. But the difference is I didn’t buy or wasn’t brainwashed into it and I’m doubly pissed off with seeing those that did and were, moaning about everything, but doing nothing and I’m having to live in the shit that the greedy fucking arseholes created.
You can’t fight progress, but you can slow it’s advance. Take pleasure in the Simple things, beauty in the mundane. I’m not talking about a total alternative lifestyle, cos some progress is good, some of what Capitalism and the Free Market offers is good, but a lot more of it makes me sick. It’s about a balanced diet. Total Capitalism is unhealthy! Like I said before. No class. A classless society. Maggie’s dream, and our nightmare. The people of Britain, need to wake up and see that they have been taken for a bunch of ……. Write that on yer THINGS TO DO IN 2010. List… 1) Take to the streets. After all what have you got to lose? Time to playing a different family game this Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

I’m wondering as well why it is that everyone is mightily pissed off like I have never seen before in my lifetime, but does absolutely nothing except moan.

As you allude to Nuzz, all those who were working class under Thatcher, now, whether they actually are or not, see themselves as middle class. So taking to the streets in peaceful protest is not an option for them, as, in their eyes, they now have too much to lose. Even if what they have is largely fucked. The ’Plasma effect’ again.

There was an opportunity at the height of all this recent political and financial turmoil for everyone to actually stop. Sit down. And explore a new, alternative way of running things.
I’m not talking Revolution, or violent protest. But a sensible measured exploration of a new more workable and fair system. Because this one is clearly broke. But of course it didn’t happen. Just like the new middle class that moan but do nothing. Everyone vaguely associated with the establishment, including perhaps significantly, the media, has too much invested in a system which, broken though it may be, has become their bread and butter, to ultimately start questioning it in a serious way. What would all those inane political correspondents do for instance?!! I guess they’d have to go down to the Job Centre like the rest of us. No chance.