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Saturday, 19 December 2009

"Walking in a winter wonderland."

The world leaders stomped massive carbon footprints across the Earth to attend The Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, were after Two weeks of ‘talks’ nothing was achieved so very little will change. In Britain a day of ‘heavy snow’ Brought parts of the country to a standstill. Still at least it kept the cars of the roads and some planes out of the skies for a day. Every little helps. Interesting that the extreme weather we are seeing more of, which is often put down to global warming, in some small way is helping to reduce C02 emissions, but not only that. The more extreme weather we see the more it strengthens their case for global warming. I aint no ‘flatearther’ because just like economics and politics nature revolves and evolves in cycles. People have shaped our political, economic and social paths and now one way or another they are shaping our natural world. The longer it goes on with the world leaders resolving less the more I think that they are prepared to stamp over our world in order to maintain the socio/economic/political environment that they have been creating for the last hundred or so years. The Green eCONomy is just another sprout on their tree of global free market capitalism.


Demonicmatta said...

It just shows haw democracy does not work. climate issues need deep and radical policy worldwide, that will not be popular among the masses, however those who set the policy need the vote to stay in office, and will not commit political suicide. so maybe we are doomed.


Anonymous said...

Don’t make a habit of re-posting other peoples comments, however I came across this posted by
’Eroica’ in The Grauniad and Thought it bares repeating -

‘Silly people. This is severe weather, experienced only once or twice a year. Do you really want your council and other taxes increased so that your sleek, uninterrupted lives can continue to glide along in a bubble of self-protection? Do you want to feel protected from the environment we are also responsible for destroying? You want a safe, sanitised, clinical existence where nothing touches you? Sometimes nature will behave erratically, no matter how well (or not) we care for it. Sometimes we have to adjust the normal habits and routines of our existence, to accommodate events which we cannot control. It's actually good for us to do this. The shit really starts to fly when we think we are untouchable. Sometimes the snow will come. Some days you may have to adapt. This is nothing compared to the adaptation that needs to come‘.

Couldn't have put it better.