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Saturday, 5 December 2009


The wanker bankers are in the news again, what a greedy bunch of mmutha fuckers. RBS the bank our government bailed out with our money now want more of our money to pay their executives obscene bonuses, for what? Investing in Dubai Stock Exchange and possibly putting more of our cash at risk.
There’s people not happy that the EU may take control over Britain’s banks, which is fair enough as after all no one was consulted over our increased control by Brussels, but then again someone needs to take control, to stop the Banker Bonus Bonanza and gambling of money on dodgy investments, it’s what our government should be doing or to be more correct; Should have done! I mean the figures if they are to be believed are obscene £5 billion. It’s just greed, but hey our politicians can’t really talk after the expenses debacle. Just think what could be done with that money? Equipping the troops in Afghanistan, better patient care on the NHS, just a couple of things that spring to mind, but hey we’re paying for those already, so why should we pay twice? Well both the armed forces and Health care are haemorging money through quangos, managers and civil servants, while frontline services suffer. High wages for managers etc provide Happy Shopper budget care and equipment.
Climate Change. Change the climate; Change ourselves! It’s fundamental, it’s the only way it’s gonna happen and I’m not talking cutting down on plastic bags or energy saving light bulbs here. It’s about what we put in the plastic bags and what we can see in our homes. Do we need it? Or do we want it? I mean how ever did we get on without mobile phones, how could we watch television before the HD flat screen plasma injection, cos that’s it; people seem addicted to technology and it’s advancement. The white heat of technology is frying people’s minds and the planet. How much more micro can the micro become? How much faster and flatter can we get? before everything reaches a finite state and we’re finished, because that’s what will happen. If people didn’t buy the shit then there’d be no reason to make the shit and if no-one was making the shit there’d be no shit being pumped into the environment. We have more than enough shit in our lives that doesn’t really make people happy, they just think it does. The brakes need to be applied before there’s one almighty crash, we need to start thinking about going backwards to go forwards, that really would be a change in the climate, but one that could just save the planet.


Anonymous said...

Trawling the comments sections of online newspapers, as I am want to do, I cannot help but be struck by the propensity of comments from people in other countries regarding UK city bonuses along the lines of ‘Why aren’t you guy’s marching in the streets over this?’.

And it’s a good question, why aren’t we?

In the dark days of the eighties, when Thatcher shafted us all with the Poll Tax, we were out protesting. In fact the ‘Poll Tax Riot’ was instrumental in a chance of policy. So why, when we have been shafted to a much greater degree by the City B(w)ankers who have brought us all to our collective knees, are we not taking to the streets in protest?

It’s beyond me.

Longy said...

I'm proud to say I don't own a flat screen plasma superbollox TV. Still got my old 22' Grundig although part of me wants it to blow up so I can get a new one.

Mobile phones - they get on my tits. I admit I own a cheap one but I hardly use it. How many times have I heard meaningless conversations on those things "I'm just getting off the bus,I will be there in a minute" What is the point of that? Why not just wait one minute and meet your bloody friend.

Governments,bankers - all greedy wankers. The disease is spreading to nearly everyone. We are all doomed.