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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hats Off to My Local Shop Keeper.

I have decided to boycott my local (in)convenience store….In the last couple of months it’s been robbed and as a result the owner has imposed a ban on Hats, Caps and Hoods being worn in the shop, because obviously anyone sporting headwear is a potential robber, even those like myself who he knows by name and sight. When he told me about the new rule, I said slightly taking the piss that he was infringing on my Human Rights, by telling me what I can or can’t wear in his shop. I suppose the key words are…. his shop, and he was within his rights to take this action , and if the customer isn’t happy with his totalitarian stance then they can choose to shop elsewhere, which is what I’ve decided to do for a while. His reasoning behind asking/telling everyone including regulars to remove their headwear was that if he asked someone he didn’t recognise to take off theirs, and there was a regular customer with a hat or hood on , it could create conflict, as to why there was one rule for one and one for another, which is fair comment, but I argued that all he had to do was say that he knew the person with the hat/hood, but he didn’t know the other person. Slightly unfair maybe, but hey as we know life can be unfair, and as a regular spender in his shop for the past however many years I feel he’s taking the piss. How the enforcement is going I don’t know, but I was walking past the shop the other day and I saw a rather disgruntled local with a cap on standing outside talking rather crossly to someone about “…that Fucking (I’m not gonna name the shop keeper) won’t serve me because I said I wouldn’t take my hat off, and he knows who I am.” Looks like the owner was right about one thing….It would create conflict!


Anonymous said...

Weird that he’s abbreviated ‘Inconvenience‘.

Almost like subconsciously he can’t bring himself to write it in full
As it is a clear statement that it is actually he who is inconveniencing his customers.

Either that or he’s unsure of the ‘I before E’ rule!

Anonymous said...

right on!
lets have one big tesco covering the whole of the uk.
get your i.d. ready.

Anonymous said...

Well done that shopkeeper. I take my hat off to you sir (pardon the pun) The hoodies are ruining this country. Ban the lot of them I say! But then again,you know that already!