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Sunday, 16 January 2011

It doesn’t have to be this way. If the profiteers all down the line from production, supply and retail, all took a little less profit then the prices wouldn’t have to rise so much.
Economic growth to get out of recession, If the recession is more moral than financial, surely the best way out is through not buying any more stuff.
A fundamental shift in peoples thinking and what they value, is what we need . The Top Shop and Vodaphone protesters know the score, and so do some of the students. Chucking fire extinguishers off the roof of Tory Towers probably wasn’t the best thing to do, could have killed a policeman, I aint got much time for the Soldiers Of The State, but they’re only pawns in the game, as they are gonna find out in the coming years when the cuts bite and the tension rises, are we gonna be seeing specialised private security forces being called in to control future protests, cos the police have had to make cut backs. As for the sentence the guy received? A bit excessive when compared with some convictions for knife crimes and even sexual assaults, still it’s all about making an example of someone, as I’m sure they will out of some of the 200+ who’ve been arrested so far. Another thing....Police kill a person at G8 protest, no charges. Protester doesn't kill Policeman and gets a custodial sentence.
What else has been happening over the last week? Floods, nature shows once again who’s the boss! all the stuff people have or don’t have means shit when it comes to the forces of nature. Then there was the attempted assassination of US Politician and the subsequent shooting dead of six people. A result of aggressive US Republican Politics? Most definitely! that and an availability of guns, and someone prepared to just do it. Troubles in Tunisia, triggered by a fruit and veg seller who set himself on fire and died in a public protest against having his stock confiscated by the authorities because he was selling it illegally. Violent protests on the streets followed and the countries un democratic leader fled. Just think....If the authorities had had a fire extinguisher!
None of the above is new news, all that sort of shit has gone on years and years ago, it’s just the time, places and faces that change, the events and struggles across the world stay the same! It’ all part of humankind and natures endless cycle. The past becomes the future, then the future becomes the past, and the world keeps turning.
If people wanna Stop the world! and get off to look for a different future, then they need to change, or are the majority happy to go along with the(ir) ride, no matter what the cost!

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